7-Year-Old Has Prophetic Dream About COVID-19 7 Nights in a Row—Here's What God Showed His Parents

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Editor's Note: This article is an update to "7-Year-Old Has Prophetic Dream of COVID-19 Ending—Perhaps as Soon as April 30," which Charisma News originally posted on April 16, 2020. The author of the article, Will Ford, now provides insight into what he says God showed him and his wife after their son had prophetic dreams about COVID-19 for seven nights in a row.

First, thanks to everyone who has been praying and even fasting with us! I just wanted to provide everyone an update regarding my son's dreams. He's had three more dreams since the last update I wrote. My wife and I, along with those I'm accountable to, thought best to wait before sending another update to make sure the stream of dreams had ended, and also to allow more time for understanding. In total, he's had seven dreams from April 14-April 20 regarding the coronavirus ending April 30. As parents, you probably can imagine, my wife and I have been asking the Lord what to make of all of this. As a result, here is our update. First, here is my son's first dream given to him on April 14, 2020:

"In the dream, I saw this huge green plant which had a crown on its head, and it was squeezing the earth. The more it squeezed the earth, the more hands or tentacles it grew. Out of nowhere, a lion that had the body of a lamb appeared, and it destroyed the plant and ripped it to pieces. Then a date appeared in my dream: 'This will end on April 30.' And the dream ended."

My son had this dream three nights in a row. While in prayer one night, my son realized in each dream, the crowned green plant, which he understood to be the coronavirus, though it was huge, became smaller in dreams 2 and 3.

For the next three nights, he continued to have a new set of dreams regarding the coronavirus and April 30. Of this fourth dream, my son said, "I heard, 'Pray, pray, pray!' and clouds broke apart, and I saw the green plant with the crown, but it was much smaller. It was trying to squeeze the earth but couldn't because its hands and arms wouldn't grow. Then the Lion / Lamb destroyed it again and ripped it to pieces as in the other dreams. And again, I saw at the end of the dream, 'This will end April 30.'" He had this same dream for two more nights, but in each dream, the crowned green plant representing the coronavirus had less strength, had no hands and became smaller in dreams 5 and 6. This brings us to his seventh dream.

In his seventh dream, my son said the following: "I saw clouds break apart, and I see the crowned green plant, and it's smaller than it's been in all the other dreams. And for the first time in all the dreams, the earth was bigger than the crowned green plant. Then the Lion/Lamb appears, but instead of ripping the crowned green plant to shreds, as it did in the other dreams, instead, He threw it into a pit. Then I looked at the clouds and I saw, 'April 30.' Then the dream ended."


My wife and I have been blown away by this series of dreams. As I've said before, he normally dreams once or twice a month. And he's never had back-to-back dreams, let alone a series of dreams. Also, my son didn't know that "corona" means "crown." Though he didn't know this, my son associated the crowned green plant that was choking the world to be the coronavirus. Interestingly, he didn't know what to make of the half-Lion and half-Lamb that destroyed the plant, but we interpret it to represent Jesus, the Lion of the tribe of Judah (Rev. 5:5), who also is the Lamb of God who passes over us and cleanses us of our sins (Ex. 12:13). It was the blood of the lamb that stopped Egypt's plague against the Jews, and the Blood of Jesus is warring for us now in ways we probably can't imagine.

What We Understand and Believe

As I said before, I'd love for this to mean that the coronavirus will suddenly end on April 30, but there are many angles and a lot to digest in this series of dreams, which in and of itself is prophetic. I believe that the dreams coming back seven nights in a row is significant, as well as the fact that the coronavirus diminished in strength and size yet came back in another dream. In the first three dreams, it has arms to squeeze and contain, which I believe represents the virus' hold on people, nations, economies and quarantines. In the last four dreams, it has no arms and diminishes in size and strength, yet comes back in another dream. I believe this represents the virus getting weaker to spread yet still trying to attack. After much prayer, thoughtful consideration and counsel, I believe these dreams reveal the beginning of the end of the coronavirus and that April 30 is a significant date that starts the end of quarantines and the ending of the virus. Biblically, the number 7 is connected with completion. Whether it's seven weeks or seven months of time, I'm not sure, but I am sure that seven represents completion, and that the beginning of the end starts April 30.


We feel we've observed confirmations along the way. First, one of the confirmations we've had regarding this is that the president made April 30 the end of the federal mandate for states to quarantine and begin the next three phases of gradually opening up, allowing governors to roll out three phases toward opening up their states' economies and increasing crowd requirements incrementally. Our Texas governor also announced April 30 as the end of previous quarantine guidelines. Also, we can't ignore that many parents have sent us videos, text messages and emails of their children's dreams and prophetic declarations with April and April 30 being a significant date regarding the ending of the coronavirus.

What Should We Do Next?

First, as believers, we know what's bound on earth has to be bound in heaven first (Matt. 16:18). I believe engaging our children to pray is creating heavenly breakthroughs that are weakening the enemy, and we must continue to "Pray, pray, pray!" against this virus, even though it tries to sprout up again. I think it's significant that in the seventh dream, clouds break, and for the first time in all of these dreams, the earth is much larger than the crowned green plant. Then the virus that once overcame the world is weak, diminished and thrown into a pit. We believe He who has overcome the world is using the prayers of the body of Christ to rise and overcome this attack. This attack is going back to the pit of hell that planted this in the earth realm. And beyond this, I believe God is raising up another generation of praying children who will fuel another awakening.

Let's pray:

"Oh God, we agree with the prayers of our children; have mercy on us and destroy this coronavirus! For children who have suffered loss, please comfort them. Take our children into a deeper place of intimacy with You. Thank You for strengthening our families in the midst of this crisis. Thank You for doctors and first responders, and we ask that You continue to give them guidance and wisdom. We pray that as quarantines end, the coronavirus becomes weaker, losing its ability to spread and one day will end. And in the meantime, teach us all to become like little children in the place of prayer. Surely we, and the children You have given us, are for signs and wonders (Isa. 8:18). In Jesus' name, amen."

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