A Letter From Britain on the Fourth of July

(Karsun Designs/Flickr/CC)

Dear America,

On the 241st anniversary of independence, we wish all our American cousins a blessed and enjoyable day. While we still miss you sadly, we know that while apart from us, you have matured and prospered into the strongest nation on earth.

We have seen great cities emerge and watched with great awe your rockets reach other planets as you explored the universe. Yes, we also witnessed very many sad occasions when your men and women fell in battle helping us and when you were attacked by others with great loss. We saw you reinvent yourself many times and marveled at your speedy recoveries. Great men have led your nation and your fiscal brains have navigated the ever-frequent economic storms.

Your climate and terrain offer your 322-million population the splendid spectrum of life's offering without needing to exit your borders. We have seen your Stars and Stripes grace your land, and we watch with envy your patriotism under that star-spangled banner. Embracing many creeds, colors and religions, you have managed to steer your ships with the gusts of the Founding Fathers, and from the indigenous Indians to the multi-layered cake that's America, we are proud to be your cousins.

We of the Old World have been known to lament your New World, but we too are no strangers to independence. Earlier this year, we cut our lines and in March 2017 set sail, adrift from Europe, as we broke away to the land of Brexit. In case we drift completely into uncharted waters, we ask you to remember us and to watch over your Mayflower cousins.

Our language is shared, and our beliefs from freedom in democracy are common denominators. We are very aware that Mr. Churchill's mother came from America and Mr. Trump's mother from Scotland. Let our seed be your sentiment and our prayers match your hopes. May you prosper in every way.

We are acutely aware that and reminded in writing to you that independence is a fine thing, yet in dependence on each other, we find the love and friendships that enrich our lives and remind us all that we are stronger together in peace. Through loving our neighbor, we establish community and great nations.

So we bid you our best, with a tear in our eye, as we come to remember the Fourth of July. Here's a poem I wrote which I hope makes you smile with gratitude:
Sticks and stones will break my bones but the pain does come from sticks
That brutal year when you rid of us that terrible 1776
The Boston Tea Party was a terrible brew dipped in very cold water
We should never have sought to tax the tea, it was that which led to slaughter.

But forgiven us you have on many a Fourth of July
You came back often to help us, on that we could rely
As you became stronger we watched from afar
Your buildings were taller, everything on large scale
Cadillacs and Limos great trains on the rail

Then rockets to launch moon and Mars
Someone called Musk with his electric cars
Companies Amazon and Apple great fruit from the tree
Wall Street expanding, millions of buyers, homes for the brave, land of the free

Your movies and theatre great arts to behold
We gave you Chaplin and Taylor as we sold all our gold
Fort Knox became fuller as James Bond appeared
Hollywood blossomed as Hitchcock neared those terrible birds suddenly reared.

Great Leaders and Presidents though no female to see
Our example was Thatcher, though Hilary not to be
Instead you chose the card called Trump, up your sleeve was the ace
To make America great again at such a lightning pace.

Surely a very Independent man surrounded by his faithful clan
For don't forget he's a Scot at heart, tartan and tough, formidable man.
Oh yes I know there's some German in his bones
Just like our Royal Family when you left us alone, By George!

God Bless America.
Yours ever,
Great Britain

Martin Clarke is a charismatic Christian and London businessman. He often provides Charisma with an international perspective.

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