Lila Perry and the Transgender War in America's Schools

Hillsboro High School's student walked out in protest.
Hillsboro High School's student walked out in protest. (KMOV)
If Christians aren't praying for students all across our nation, they should be. Get ready because stories like the one I will be sharing below are just the beginning of this transgender war in our schools, work place, political arena, churches and homes.

At Hillsboro High School in Missouri, Lila Perry, a transgender student, is causing quite the uproar. He was gay in the 9th grade and now claims to be a straight female. It's sad that people are so confused about their identity that they can decide one day they are gay or lesbian and the next day that they are transgender, as the world celebrates dishonoring God's creation.

Honestly, this is why there are so many suicides within the gay and lesbian community. They have been deceived and misled, and instead of getting psychological and spiritual help, they make choices that will affect them for a lifetime.

We as the church should be outraged by what is going on in our school districts across the country; we should be outraged for several reasons. First, we know this is a spiritual battle and the enemy is doing all he can to destroy the lives of our children, and second, because secularists are trying to indoctrinate our children so that their views, standards and morals are rooted in our children's impressionable minds.

Although the media is more interested in reporting about Lila Perry, which to me seems like he is trying to gain publicity, there were 200 students who decided that enough is enough. Have their voices been heard? Were they interviewed? Of course not. This young boy, Lila Perry, was allowed to enter the girls locker room and 200 brave students took a stand and walked out of the school.

The boy was given the opportunity to go to the private unisex facility, but that wasn't enough for him. He didn't want to go to the private unisex bathroom, he wanted to use the girl's locker room, and sadly he was granted the right to do so. He is a male but he wanted to be among all the young girls in their locker room while they are getting undressed. This is unacceptable!

It is fairly one-sided in that he feels these girls should be comfortable changing in front of him, but no one has asked what these young girls think or feel about the situation.

This is a great opportunity for you to make a difference. Parents from all over the country should be writing letters, calling on the news media and making a stand. This boy is broken and is seeking to get attention any way he can. Putting on a wig and a dress and calling yourself a female, when your parts are male, does not give you the right to use the female bathroom or locker room. Period. This breaks the heart of God and it should break ours too.

If we choose to stay silent, one day we will wake up in a land we do not recognize, and it will be by our own doing. We should not have to tolerate these kind of "changes," especially when it's not accepted by the majority. The whole student body has the right to feel safe in their schools; unfortunately, safety is not what the transgender community is after.

After all the commotion, he decided to drop his gym class, although he is still granted use of the girls bathroom if he chooses. The school is being disrespectful of other students' rights, even after they expressed how uncomfortable it is to use the same bathroom with someone of the opposite sex.

If we don't speak up now, this could possibly open the door to sexual crime and abuse. Anyone can play dress-up and enter the opposite-sex bathroom for all the wrong reasons. We have to respect our heterosexual students as we do any other student who thinks they were born in the wrong body. This is not about hate, tolerance or what some would call a culturally relevant world. This is about respecting those who do not want men going into women's bathrooms or locker rooms or women going into men's bathrooms or locker rooms.

In light of all this, I pray that as leaders, parents and pastors, we shed light on issues like this. If you don't teach our young students what is true, they will be deceived by a lie. It is our job to be proactive in discussing sexuality in our homes; otherwise, they will receive their information elsewhere.

Janet Boynes is the founder of Janet Boynes Ministries, a nondenominational outreach that ministers to individuals questioning their sexuality and those who wish to leave homosexuality. As the author of Called Out, Boynes chronicles her story of living as a lesbian for 14 years until God called her out of that lifestyle. Read more of her story here.

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