Are Your Kids Being Deceived by Gay Propaganda?

Good Luck Charlie
'Good Luck Charlie' will feature lesbian moms in an episode next year. (Bob D'Amico/Disney Channel)

When you know better, you do better. How can we, as Christians, get our message out that we can be transformed through the power of Jesus Christ? For all you naysayers, I am not going away. We need to get off our blessed assurance, stop running scared and stand up for righteousness. As Scripture teaches, "You love righteousness and hate wickedness" (Ps. 45:7, NKJV). 

Our kids' lives depend on it! As we sit and watch TV, all we see is the homosexual community taking over the airwaves. Why? because they are moving forward and not looking back. They have a game plan, and that plan is to get into our schools and change the mindset of our children, and in turn they, the children, will change the culture.

Let me say this in plain English: The gay community wants to indoctrinate an entire generation of American children with pro-homosexual propaganda and eliminate traditional values from American society. Their ultimate dream is to create a new America based on sexual promiscuity in which the values you and I cherish are long forgotten.

As I read what those amazing One Million Moms did by calling Disney to shut down the airing of lesbian moms on the show Good Luck Charlie, I felt relieved to know we are still fighting for what is valuable. That was a bold move, and I commend them for taking a stand.

However, does something like this have to happen in order for us to get involved with this issue that is polluting our airwaves? Why can't we, as the church, be proactive instead of reactive? 

Read what a parent posted in the comment section of the article "Lesbian Moms Get Airtime On Disney's Good Luck Charlie":

"This is not new for the show. That show has been promoting homosexuality with the kid character for some time. My 8 year old told me about the show, I was shocked and didn't know what to think until my niece was watching the show while my mom watched her and a boy character had a crush on another boy character on the show. We do not have a television by the way. The Lord moved me to get rid of it in 2010."

Really? Don't you see what's happening here, church? The gay community is getting its message across—that change in sexual orientation is not possible—only because they have been given airtime on many TV shows and movies, and the media has had a voice in telling us what is right and true in their eyes. On Thursday, for example, Good Morning America aired a story of a high school coach from Yonkers, N.Y., who came out to his basketball players.

The Bible says in Hosea 4:6, "My people are ruined because they don't know what's right or true" (MSG).

Why are we, as men and women who have been "called out" of this life by the power of Jesus Christ, not recognized but rather are ridiculed by choosing to live by what we believe? 

Well, let me tell you why: It's because we have given in to the lie. 

Remember when the serpent twisted what God really said to Adam and Eve? This is what God said to them: “You can eat from any tree in the garden, except from the Tree-of-Knowledge-of-Good-and-Evil. Don’t eat from it. The moment you eat from that tree, you’re dead” (Gen. 2:16-17).

But the devil had another plan—to deceive Eve in getting her to question what was said to her by God, making her feel as though God didn't have her best interest in mind. The serpent told the woman, “You won’t die. God knows that the moment you eat from that tree, you’ll see what’s really going on. You’ll be just like God, knowing everything, ranging all the way from good to evil” (Gen. 3:4-5).

Isn't that just like him, to twist what the Word says and cause us to doubt the truth and God? 

Nothing has changed. The devil is still trying to deceive many today, and we as the church have taken the bait, hook, line and sinker. Eve said in Genesis 3:13, "The serpent deceived  me" (NKJV). I'm not even going to discuss the repercussions of that choice and how it has affected humanity today.

The Bible clearly says in Revelation 12:9 that the devil will deceive the whole world. Anything contrary to the truth of God's Word is a lie. Are you being deceived by the gay propaganda?

This in no shape or form is an attack against people. We are to love all and show kindness to all, so don't think this is a license to hate. I am talking against immorality and against a mentality that will bring confusion and harm to our future generations. 

In the natural, the gay community is moving forward. Some churches—not all churches—are embracing this lifestyle. God help them!

We can't remain silent anymore. We, as the church, must unite in our efforts and become the voice God would have us be.

One Million Moms should push for Disney and many other shows to air a show with a person that has left the life of homosexuality. When have we seen this kind of lifestyle being shown in a positive light on Lifetime movies, in secular media, on Capitol Hill, at the White House or on any other television show, for that matter?

Maybe they fear that we can debunk the lies that it's not by choice they live a homosexual life and that change is not possible.

We are the voice of reason, we are the voice of the church and we are not going away.

Janet Boynes is the founder of Janet Boynes Ministries, a nondenominational outreach that ministers to individuals questioning their sexuality and those who wish to leave homosexuality. As the author of Called Out, Boynes chronicles her story of living as a lesbian for 14 years until God called her out of that lifestyle.

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