Angel Visitations Spark Personal and Corporate Revival for Virginia Pastor

Pastor Jeff Struss (Jeff Struss Facebook page)

Four years ago while attending a pastor's conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, an angel visited Pastor Jeff Struss in his hotel room. Struss had never experienced anything like it before, and, at the time, his church had experienced what he termed as "a difficult moment."

The Lord spoke to Struss, the senior pastor at Life Center in Lynchburg, Virginia, and told him that he would take this angel—an angel of revival—back to the States with him. A couple of months later, in a dream, other angels visited Struss, and he woke up speaking in tongues. Not only did it lead to personal revival in Struss' life, but revival also came to his church.

Now, in 2020, Struss is enthusiastically teaching about God's glory not only through his church but also on the airwaves. He is the host of the Presence, Power & Glory podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network, where listeners can allow the Holy Spirit to draw their hearts into deeper and deeper places of love for Jesus.

"In this dream, I found myself outside of my body," Struss told Dr. Steve Greene on a recent episode of Greenelines on the Charisma Podcast Network. "There were two angels at the foot of my bed with silver trumpets. During the encounter, an angel came to my side and began speaking to me all night long.

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"The Bible talks about in Numbers that Moses was to make silver trumpets. When it was time to assemble the people, they were to blow the trumps. And these angels, like in Zechariah, were angels of awakening. About a week later, the glory of God came into our church, and it just broke wide open for about eight weeks, and it was interesting.

"During that time, we had just an outpouring of the presence, power and glory of God. It was really like heaven on earth. Tumors dissolving, blind eyes opening. We would start the service and just give testimony. I would stop in the middle of testimony, and I would ask, 'Who came here tonight to get right with God?' People would stand up, and they would get baptized in the Holy Spirit before they got to the front of the room. When you're in revival atmosphere like that, something just takes over. ...

"In that revival time, we had a prophetic word that came forth and said this is the cloud the size of a man's hand, but the rains are coming. I really believe that we're in a lull right now from what God began to break forth in 2016. There is a glory revival that is coming to America. It's going to so supersede anything that we've seen in recent history."

Tune into the Presence, Power & Glory podcast with Jeff Struss, and for more about the coming revival, listen to the entire podcast.

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