Perry Stone: How Can You Sense Angels in the Atmosphere?

Perry Stone angelMany people, even Christians, question the existence of angels and demons in our world, simply because they have never seen one or felt one. And if they do believe in them, many of them wonder how to sense one that is in the atmosphere.

But, Voice of Evangelism founder Perry Stone assures us, both entities are very real even if believers cannot seem them with their physical eyes.

"There is an invisible world, and that world is called the spirit world," Stone said in a recently released video. "People have often asked me, 'Why can we not see with our natural eyes into the spirit world?' As with many instances in the Bible, including with Daniel and the apostle John, when you see in the supernatural realm, it's a very fearful thing. There is a fear that comes when you see into the invisible world. .... God protects us many times by not allowing us to look into the spirit world.

"However, at times, the spirit world can be seen in a vision or a dream, or when God removes the scales from your eyes. It happened in the Old Testament in 2 Kings [chapter] 2 with Elijah. It is possible that there are scales that are on the human eyes that must be lifted for them to see into the realm of the spirit."

There are "seers" in the spirit, like Blake Healy, the director of the Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry who documents in his book "The Veil" that he sees angels and demons as clearly as other believers see the physical world.

In an article for Charisma News in February 2021, Jennifer LeClaire prophesied that God would mantle seers "with an anointing for a new dimension of glory." But then, these "seers" in the spirit are very rare.

But Stone says that while the spirit world cannot always be seen by humans, there are other ways to experience the presence of an angel.

"Here's the key—the spirit world can be felt," Stone says. "In an atmosphere of the church, the presence of the Holy Spirit can be tangibly felt. If you were raised like I was, I'm telling you, the power of the Lord can come into a building and you can see a response of the people and the reaction to feeling the power of the Holy Spirit. It is what is called in the New Testament as the 'anointing of the Holy Spirit.' While the spirit world cannot be seen, it can be felt.

"The Holy Spirit can be felt and demons can be felt. In the latter case, there is a negative energy and the presence of evil. But the fear of the Lord that Christians should have is the reverence of the Holy Spirit. The holiness of God can be felt when an angel is present."

So, how can you tell when there is an angel in the atmosphere? Stone says there are several indications.

"The outward atmosphere changes," Stone says. "The presence of God changes an atmosphere, of course. When an angel shows up, it's a different type of atmosphere. It is a reverence, a holiness.

"I've had my hair on my body stand up, and I have those bumps all over me. Once, Jentezen Franklin and I had an angel come to us in Romania, and everywhere we walked, with the angel, the hair on our body would stand up. We talked about that years ago and we still talk about it today.

"So when the atmosphere changes, there will be a great, great presence of God and a presence of the fear of God and the holiness of God. There will be a presence and a great peace. You will feel an absolutely overwhelming sense of peace. Sometimes you will begin to just weep. ... When you are unclean in any way, an angel of God shows up, and the first thing you will want to do is repent because you will sense the wholeness of God. ... If it ever happens to you, don't break the atmosphere. You will not want to speak. You will not want to say anything, just sit there. I've had that divine presence come over me several times in my life. You will be overwhelmed by the presence of God."

For more of Perry Stone's teaching on this subject, watch the video here or above.

Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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