Christians Targeted with 'Holy Spirit Ouija Board'

(Screenshot Holy Spirit Games YouTube)

Christianity has been the subject of mockery and derision since Jesus walked the earth and shared with the world that He was the hope for salvation.

In today's world, that mockery has taken the form of occult practices thinly veiled in Christian cover to deceive and cause division in its wake.

A group that created the YouTube page "Holy Spirit Games" also created a "Christian" Ouija board claiming that people will be able to communicate with Christ directly.

The group's portrayal is that of a comedy troupe. The three sketches they have posted to the YouTube page are beyond parody and saturated with their disdain for Christianity.

Creating a "Christian" Ouija board opens the spiritual doors to demonic oppression however, a consequence the group is either ignorant of, do not care about, or was the intended result in the first place.

The game, currently for sale on Amazon, advertises itself as "The Holy Spirit Board can answer all of life's most important questions, straight from the man himself!" and that it is "Perfect for churches, prayer groups or just getting together with friends."

Sadly, this is the very type of scenario that can confuse and deceive people who are not Christian or are still immature in their faith.

While the entire premise and marketing of this item is one poorly written joke, Roman Catholic Father Ernesto Caro of the Diocese of Monterey, Mexico, who has been appointed to the position of an Exorcist, explained in an interview with EWTN's Nightly News that such a device is a "trap from the devil."

"The devil is always looking for different ways he can trap all the victims that he can take for him. And this is one," Caro said in the segment. "People could think [this] is giving us the chance to communicate with Him...Ouija games and all this are forbidden in the Bible."

The practice of divination is strictly forbidden throughout the Old and New Testaments. By slapping on Christian imagery, the spiritual forces behind this campaign seek to deceive people into allowing demonic forces into their lives while being disguised as a way to communicate with God.

As reported by The Christian Post, "The board's layout looks similar to a Ouija board, it differs by including an image of Jesus crucified on the cross, three angels, a dove and a cross to be moved around on the board."

The creators of this game seem to have some background in Christian theology, as they advertise it saying, "Unlike other spirit boards, this one will NEVER contact evil ghosts or demons, so you can ask your questions with an assured sense of safety."

This marketing campaign highlights why it is so important for Christians to have knowledge and understanding of what the Word of God says: that divination, sorcery and necromancy are both real and reviled by God.

When one gives a foothold to these types of practices, they are allowing demons to run rampant in their life and cause nothing but chaos, pain and detriment to themselves.

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