Can Christianity and Science Work Peacefully Together?


For decades, science has shifted away from the holding onto of faith within its community.

With scientists embracing the theory of evolution and atheism in large numbers, Christians have not only taken a backseat in the various fields of science, they're viewed as lesser.

Researchers at Ohio University conducted a study addressing the perceived incompatibility between Christianity and science, and the results were not uplifting.

While the sample sizes were admittedly small, the nonreligious participants were more likely to view Christian scientists as less intelligent than their non-religious counterparts.

"Our research demonstrates that perceiving conflict between religion and science can have detrimental effects not only on Christians' performance and interest in science (as prior research has shown), but also on nonreligious people's stereotypes about Christians," said Cameron Mackey, the study's author. "That is, because nonreligious individuals are more likely to believe that Christianity and science can't work together, they are more likely to stereotype Christians as uninterested in or incompetent at science."

This mindset, that Satan absolutely wants the world to have, could not be further from the truth.

As Christians believe science to be the study of the creation that sprang forth from God, having faith does not in any way make one more or less intelligent than a nonreligious person.

It was from religious institutions that universities across Europe and America sprang forth and spread knowledge, wisdom and understanding across the globe.

As reported by Forbes, American universities such as Harvard, Yale and Dartmouth (Puritan), College of William and Mary (Church of England), Princeton (Presbyterian) and Rutgers University (Dutch Reformed Church) all sprang forth from Christian institutions.

Yet you would never guess that from the stances these schools now hold ideologically.

In a direct contradiction to the trope that Christians and science do not mix, astronaut Jeffrey Williams told Christian Headlines just how his faith coincides with his adventures in science.

"I get the question all the time—'How can I be in the business that I'm and be a believer at the same time?'" Williams said.

As reported by Christian Headlines, "Williams, a Christian, released a faith-themed book in 2010 that includes pictures he took from space. It was titled, 'The Work of His Hands: A View of God's Creation from Space.'

"He acknowledged there is a 'public perception that science and the Bible are in conflict.'

"So early in my career, even back in the 90s, I spent a lot of time studying the theme. ... Modern science as we know it, really came out of the conviction that the Bible was true and that God is the Creator, as He has revealed Himself in the Scripture," Williams explained. "And in that creation, He provisioned it and ordered it."

Having faith is not a weakness that many perceive it to be. It offers the perspective of the Creator. By studying His Word a believer gains deeper understanding of the Lord and see things how He sees them.

"And then bearing the image of God, we're given this ability and actually mandate to subdue the creation right there in Genesis 1," Williams said. "Those are the elements that fed my understanding, my worldview, and actually substantiated what I believe has been the calling of the Lord in my life, in this job that we call astronaut. So [faith has] only substantiated my understanding in that."

Williams noted that many of the early scientists who made incredible discoveries and leaps forward in thought and knowledge for humanity were men of faith. Men like Johannes Kepler, Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell were "theologians first and driven by their faith," Williams said.

Faith in God and the studying of His Word always takes a person deeper. Deeper into their relationship with Him and deeper in knowledge, understanding and wisdom. When these tenets of the faith are applied to any area of study, much less the study of His creation, it will open doors not previously seen and allow discoveries, advancements and success on levels never thought possible.

That is because God is the God of the impossible.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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