Exposing Woke Hypocrisy: Seth Dillon Shines Light on the Lies of the Left

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There are those who wish to use the rewriting and manipulation of history to suit their own agendas, and maintain power and authority over others.

George Orwell famously wrote in his book "1984" that to do this there must be extreme measures taken to keep the truth hidden.

"Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right." (Orwell, "1984," p. 103)

But there are some like Seth Dillon of the Babylon Bee who are standing up and speaking out against the distortion of truth within American society.

In an exclusive Charisma News interview, Charisma's John Matarazzo sat down with Dillon to discuss his work calling out the pervasive lies that are being accepted by modern society.

Recently, Dillon and The Bee were accused of using anti-LGBTQ language by Christianity Today, and Dillon warns that by conforming to the language used by the Left you are no longer standing on truth, but are instead affirming their new take on reality and gender.

"The language that's being used there in that article...framing jokes that we've made about these issues as anti-LGBTQ, that's adopting the secular left's framing of how these things are," Dillon explained. "It's always wrapped in terms of, and presented in terms of, bigotry and hatred.

"And if you oppose that, if you oppose these people...it's considered hatred and bigotry."

Dillon's commitment to standing up for the truth and calling out the lies perpetuated by far-left ideologies came with a price.

The Babylon Bee was suspended from Twitter due a satirical article nominating a biological man, Biden official Rachel Levine, as "Man of the Year."

Under the new Twitter regime helmed by free-speech advocate Elon Musk, The Bee has been restored from suspension and Dillon and his team are more committed than ever to shine light on the untruths being spread.

"It's not about hatred of an individual, or putting down a person to make them feel bad about themselves. This is about truth. It's about biological realities...this was a joke that was advancing the truth. It's not anti-LGBTQ," Dillon said.

There is an old saying that your best friends are the ones who will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Dillon is acting in a biblical parallel to this. He is sharing the truth without backing down, and as a Christian, it would be detrimental to those living without Jesus in their lives to tell them anything different.

"These ideas, the willingness to be tolerant of, and accepting of bad ideas that have harmful effects is not loving," says Dillon. "It's misguided to think that in order to be loving, we have to give ground on the language that we use, and not be confrontational on these issues. We should absolutely be every bit as determined to protect and safeguard our children."

Falling under the "tough love" or "love in truth" approach, Dillon says affirming a child's misguided views is not love at all. It is in fact damaging to the child spiritually, mentally, emotionally and now physically.

With under-age gender-affirming surgeries exploding in popularity, parents are willingly taking their children to be mutilated by a doctor based on a lie.

The Bible is clear on admonishing and correcting children in the multitude of verses found within the book of Proverbs alone. To correct a child in a loving way is what Christians are called to do, and Dillon highlights where many parents have taken the wrong approach by affirming instead of correcting.

"We've got this idea, it's [a] very popular idea, that affirmation is loving. But when your child's wrong about something and you affirm them in their wrongness, you're only harming that child," Dillon exhorts. "The loving thing to do is to gently and lovingly correct them where they're wrong and put them on the right path.

"Because the path that we're putting so many people on is a path to destruction...to lovingly send them down a path of destruction, does that even make sense? That seems like a contradiction to me."

For Christians to show love to the world that desperately needs Jesus, they must speak the truth found in the Word of God. Not affirming that which goes against the Bible, for that will only hasten a person's descent into darkness instead of lifting them up out of their sin with the love, truth and knowledge of what Jesus did for them on the cross.

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