'Detransitioners' Share Mental Health Issues, Manipulation for Transgender Surgeries


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In all 50 states, a minor cannot get a tattoo without the consent of a legal guardian.

States do not want a minor to suffer from an infection and many parents do not want them to make a decision about their child's body for the rest of their lives.

Why, then, are children as young as 12 being manipulated by activists, doctors and their own parents to mutilate their bodies to include sterilization all in the name of transgenderism?

When teens are finding themselves confused about who or what they are, many citing what they see on social media platforms and how other transgender people are portrayed, they and their families turn to the doctors that are supposed to be trustworthy.

Yet so many like Luka "Bunny" Hein were not given any other option than surgeries and hormones to fix their confusion.

"It was presented both to me and my parents as, 'This is your option to fix things or not. There's not really any other choices. This is the track that you're going to be on if you want to fix these things,'" said Hein.

The solution the doctors gave her? A double mastectomy at 16 years old.

It has been four years since Hein was deceived into trying to become something she is not, but she is far from alone in her regret to transition.

Recently, Chloe Cole has garnered national attention in her fight against the indoctrination of the transgender movement.

Cole said that after she began using Instagram at age 11, she felt convinced that she was in the wrong body.

"I started being exposed to a lot of LGBT content and activism," she said. "I saw how trans people online got an overwhelming amount of support, and the amount of praise they were getting really spoke to me because, at the time, I didn't really have a lot of friends of my own."

Cole was put on puberty blockers and testosterone at age 13, and at age 15 had a double mastectomy.

By 16 she realized that she had made a horrible mistake.

When the mainstream media pushes the narrative that these types of procedures are not happening to minors, they are lying to the citizenry all in the name of pushing an ideological narrative to destroy the nuclear family.

Some medical experts are speaking out, but they seem to be grossly outnumbered by the ones who are either performing the surgeries, or are choosing to stay quiet about it.

Now, detransitioners like Hein, Cole and many others are speaking out against the complete lack of mental health screening and being failed by a medical system that is supposed to help and support them.

In an interview with Fox News, clinical psychologist Dr. Joseph Burgo believes that once a patient mentions being transgender all else is pushed to the side.

"The moment you mention trans identity, everything else is forgotten," Burgo explained. "So, you could be suicidal. And if you announce you're trans, then all of a sudden transition becomes the focus of treatment and addressing all the other things that were going on before then just falls into the background. You see [this] all the time. Everything goes out the window once you identify as trans."

Burgo believes that doctors across the world need to slow down in the diagnosing of trans identities and focus on a patient's mental health first and foremost.

"They often use this threat of suicidality or self-harm as an argument in favor of encouraging transition," he said. "The argument being that if you don't, this will, as you said, encourage their stress and will increase the likelihood that they'll commit suicide."

He continued, "That is not true. There's no evidence to support that belief. And if you look at the actual data, this cohort has a high suicidality rate, and it starts beforehand, during and after transition. There's no evidence that gender-affirming transition actually reduces suicidality."

As more and more minors continue getting these life-altering surgeries, and in some cases becoming sterile from the hormone injections, these stories are only going to become more common.

If parents would just take a moment and talk to their child, explain that they are going through a change in their bodies and monitor the sites that their impressionable children are being indoctrinated on, then many of these mistakes could be avoided.

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