The ReAwaken America Tour Shines Light on Darkness Overshadowing America

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In a joint goal to turn the heart of America back toward the godly principles it was founded on, Christian leaders have united to share the gospel and spur Christians to vote.

ReAwaken America, started by Gen. Michael Flynn and Clay Clark, hopes to bring about positive and godly change to an America that is suffering in a void of godlessness.

"We are ready to go to war with the enemy, to bring this country back," proclaimed Clark, queuing the blowing of the shofar.

"How many of you believe that Jesus is King, and that Donald Trump is the president?" he asked.

Many of the speakers present for the multi-stop tour are able to speak freely without fear of censorship when sharing their opinions on matters.

Dr. Stella Immanuel shared about the misinformation that spread like wildfire during the COVID lockdowns, and how scientific fact was expertly manipulated by media platforms:

"Let's get some doctor things out," Immanuel said. "First, hydroxychloroquine works. Ivermectin works. And they work on Coronaviruses, even the flu. And my advice to everyone is to make sure you have it in your medicine cabinet."

This type of statement was what got her ignored by most major media outlets. And that was the goal, to silence any opinion dissenting from the all-powerful Anthony Fauci.

Thankfully, there are those within the media who are still standing for truth.

Charisma magazine's founder Steve Strang was on hand to deliver vital information to citizens about how their constitutional rights were at risk to be subverted.

Discussing the shutting down of churches during the pandemic, Strang explained, "Our constitutional rights do not go away when there's an emergency. They just don't! And isn't it interesting that they call churches 'super spreaders' if you gather at a church, but you can go to a liquor store, you can gamble, in the states that allow it, you can go to marijuana dispensaries, it showed that they could use a public health emergency to take away our rights."

Closing the event in Branson, Missouri, was son of the former president, Eric Trump, who focused on the weaponization of once-trusted American institutions to further the goals of the radical left:

"They weaponized education, you've seen what they're trying to do to little kids, trying to indoctrinate little kids," Trump said. "They're weaponizing higher education, you see what they're doing in colleges. I went to Georgetown, and this female professor came out and said every white male in the country should be castrated, and they didn't fire her. I literally almost called Georgetown to tell them to take back my diploma because it's not worth anything anymore. They've weaponized the system."

Trump also focused on the goal of his father's political campaigns: to bring about restoration and prosperity to America, and throwing back at the Biden administration what it really means to support the MAGA initiative:

"If MAGA stands for having the most prosperous country in the world, having the best military in the world, believing in faith, having great children, having a safe society, having great jobs, being able to enjoy our lives and live the American dream, I guess I'm ultra MAGA then, Mr. Biden, as opposed to the exact opposite."

With Christians across the country waking up to the evil that is facing the nation, the ReAwaken America tour looks to focus that energy and unleash it at the polls. The ensuing victories would place moral, godly leadership within the halls of Congress, and point this nation's heart back toward God.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer at Charisma Media.

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