WATCH: California Professor Says 'White Christian Men' Likely to Start an American Civil War

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A University of California San Diego professor, who claims to be an expert on civil wars and how they start, told PBS NewsHour anchor Hari Sreenivasan this week that Christian white men and primed to start a civil war in America sometime in the near future.

In promoting her book, "How Civil Wars Start," Walter, who claims she used to work for a U.S. government task force that was run by the CIA and designed to help our government predict globally where civil wars and political unrest is likely to break out, pointed a finger specifically at white, Christian men, whom she says had already initiated the beginning of a civil war dating back some 14 years.

"We've seen a significant rise in violent extremism since 2008," Walter says. "Some of it's been on the left, but the vast majority of it has been on the far right. And, it's been perpetrated almost exclusively by white men.

"If you look at the history of the United States, the group that had been dominant since the very inception of our country were white men. They also tended to be Christian, and they are losing that position."

Walter went on to say that Christian white men have become disenfranchised with the direction the country has taken and are upset with the "power they have lost" and the rise of other ethnic groups in our culture.

"You see a subset of this population becoming increasingly resentful, angry and they truly feel that this is their country," Walters says, "and that they are being patriots by saving what they believe is the true identity of this country. And they are willing to use violence to do it."

Walters referred to America as a "democracy," but former Arkansas Governor and U.S. Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee told Takeaways' Kirk Cameron recently that people who refer to America as a democracy are wrong in their assertion.

"I hear people say all the time, 'We have to protect our democracy. This group is the enemy of democracy,'" Huckabee says. "But we're not a democracy. A democracy is where a majority rules all of the time. If you want to, call it 'mob rule,' survival of the fittest, Darwinian in nature. ...

"What we need to recognize is that we're voting to preserve this Constitutional Republic. We're voting to make sure that we don't move into mob rule, and that we don't allow people that may have power to have it unrestricted and unrestrained. That's when tyranny sets in. Our biggest danger, our biggest threat right now is that we are rapidly moving toward a society of tyranny rather than a society and a government of order and law. We cannot be ruled by the passions of men."

Walter says the research for her book and her conclusions were derived from observations of more than 200 civil wars throughout the world.

Walter went on to say that oftentimes it is the "poorest members of society who start these wars," and that they "have a reason to rebel." Or, it's the most heavily discriminated against, or "it's the immigrants, all of these groups who are somewhat downtrodden. But, they don't start the civil wars. The groups that tend to start civil wars, especially ethnically-based civil wars, are the groups that are dominant and in decline."

Once again alluding to white, Christian men, Walter said, "They used to dominate politically, economically and oftentimes socially, and they losing that position oftentimes because demographics are changing. It's no longer guaranteed that you're going to get into the best schools or get the best jobs or have economic security your whole life."

Then Sreenivasan alluded to the idea that things might escalate after the midterm elections next week. He cited a recent statement posted by the FBI, the Capitol Police, the Department of Homeland Security and the National Counter Terrorism Center that said, "Following the 2022 midterm election (Nov. 8), perceptions of election-related fraud and dissatisfaction with electoral outcomes will likely result in heightened threats of violence against a broad range of targets—such as ideological opponents and election workers."

Walters said elections are a huge catalyst for civil wars, such as the 2020 election that many, including former President Donald Trump, claim was "stolen." Walters again inferred that the white men in America, mainly Republicans, would most likely revolt against election outcomes.

Walters lumped Republicans and "extremists" together, and said that group would "take back their country" any way they could.

"The two biggest triggers are, especially for this group that's in decline loses a series of elections," she says. "That's especially true in a democracy and especially true in a democracy based on authoritarian rule. Here in this country, you know just how much political power you have based on the results of an election.

"What the Republican party has been seeing, geez, over the last few decades, is that their numbers are declining. They are increasingly unable to win the presidency with the popular vote. This can be triggering because it's a loss of hope for those people who believe in the system and who, otherwise, would work within the system, if it actually guaranteed or gave them a good shot of power.

"But what the Republican party is increasingly seeing and how it's been interpreted by extremists within their party is that democracy no longer works for them. They can't work within the system and still emerge victorious. So, the radicals are beginning to create this narrative that this is our country and we need to take it back. We will not be replaced, and we are justified to take it back in any way we can."

So, instead of putting hope in a political party such as the Republicans, why not put your hope in Jesus?

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