Leftist Protesters Rip Up the Bible Publicly and Do the Unthinkable with the Torn Pages


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Pastors are known to encourage their congregations to "feed on the Word of God," but one radical left-wing protester acting crazily outside a speaking event of a conservative commentator in Wisconsin took it too literally, displayed a spirit of hostility and voraciously ate pages of the Bible.

This dietary blunder of biblical proportions was the end-result of leftist activists harassing a student who was reading the Bible aloud on a loudspeaker outside the venue where Matt Walsh, a conservative media personality and documentary-maker, was showing his latest documentary, "What Is a Woman?"

The angry protesters with a streak of self-loathing surrounded the student, aggressively grabbed the Bible out of his hands and proceeded to rip it up in a blatant display of anti-Christian discrimination, infringing on the student's freedom of speech and freedom of religion, as protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Then one protester munched on the pages of the Bible, as if she were eating a snack. One wonders if she asked any of her leftist comrades to pass the Grey Poupon mustard. She (or whatever pronoun she uses) may have found some of the Bible verses that she was chewing in her mouth to be salty.

The hatred for the Word of God is sky high on the left end of the political spectrum indeed. With the Democrats moving the party so far-left, these crazed Bible-eating activists act empowered to desecrate the Holy Bible and rage against the Truth of the living God.

"The leftists' attempts to silence a student reading the Bible demonstrate their utter contempt for the Judeo-Christian values upon which America was founded," says Nick Baker, a spokesperson for Young America's Foundation.

MJ Alfonso, Program Officer for Digital Media at YAF, issued a public statement, "We're seeing this sort of insane behavior on college campuses across the country, and it's time to hold these students accountable."

But the indoctrinated student protesters aren't the only ones stirring up trouble or displaying a radical rejection of Judeo-Christian values. Matt Walsh reported that the University of Wisconsin-Madison itself called his event with his "What Is Woman?" documentary "harmful towards our trans community."

Yet, the university did not say a word about how having woke radicalized, Bible-eating, hostile protesters harass a Christian is harmful to the Christian community on campus. The liberal hypocrisy continues to foment.

In the aftermath of this anti-Christian protest with the vile flavor of demonic oppression, Walsh posted on Twitter along with the video, "Well, you can be on the side that eats the Bible and castrates children, or you can be on literally any side but that one," Walsh posted on Twitter along with the video. "Your choice, America."

America will have the opportunity to decide on Tuesday, Nov. 8 when elections nationwide unfold in a nation arguably as torn up as the pages in that Bible that the woke liberal activists apprehended in a fit of rage.

God gives everyone free will, but this does not mean people are free of the consequences of their choices that do not line up with the Word of God.

Just because the police did not arrest these aggressive Bible-ripping activists in Wisconsin last week for assault on an individual's personal property or for threatening a person of faith, it doesn't mean there are no consequences. Against the backdrop of this spiritual darkness, God's grace and mercy still have the opportunity to shine on Nov. 8 and return America back to Him.

The evil of the leftists, who in all likelihood have Biden stickers on their vehicles to honor their protector and high priest of radical woke culture, has been exposed. Their evil deeds, such as tearing up the Word of God and eating it like a rabid dog, are on full display, shocking any normal person's sensibilities. But, just as the demons in the Bible, they may have overplayed their hand.

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