'Absolutely Disgusting' Megan Fox and Boyfriend's 'Distasteful' Halloween Pictures Mocking Christianity

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Christians and their faith are easy targets for the media and celebrities to mock. From late night talk-show hosts using them as punchlines (the comedy left years ago) to politicians screaming that they are the biggest threat to America, Christians often are in the targeting reticle for those who despise them.

Halloween always sees an uptick of anti-Christian behavior. Dressing up as a priest or nun has been around for decades, but modern America seems to take that and up the shock factor every year.

With her most recent Instagram post, actress Megan Fox and her boyfriend, musician Machine Gun Kelly, have taken the top spot for the worst thought-out costumes in recent memory.

Dressed in a dark, barely-there bikini, Fox is on her knees receiving communion from her boyfriend, dressed a priest.

Her Instagram caption read: "On Sundays we take communion."

This mockery of the holy sacrament and partaking of Jesus' flesh and blood was quickly lambasted online, but surprisingly from people of all walks of faith.

One user replied, "This is just distasteful and I'm an atheist."

Another commented on the fact that Fox is a mother, "...ya'll understand your kids will see this right??!!!"

Someone else correctly pointed out the reaction had this been any faith other than Christianity, "Imagine the outcry if they mocked literally any other religion. They would be canceled and we all know it."

Unfortunately, trends like this not only continue, but are getting more and more blasphemous in their displays.

Fox and Kelly's anti-Christian display, sent to her over 20.6 million followers on Instagram, desensitizes people to the mocking of faith in Jesus Christ.

Americans have seen this for decades in the forms of performers like Madonna and her disrespect for Christianity. Yet Madonna's notorious performances are tame compared to the displays of the present era.

Now, the very words of Jesus in Matthew 26 are being hyper-sexualized and mocked openly before millions.

This desensitization is what allows crimes like the firebombing of pro-life healthcare centers to be carried out because the victims are Christian.

These are the same tactics that Jews suffered under for decades. They were ridiculed and demeaned, they were called rats and de-humanized. This made it more palatable for many within Germany to turn a blind eye toward the atrocities that soon followed.

Satan is not stupid, but he is predictable. He comes after anything that is of Christ. Satan has attacked Jews and Christians for millennia and he will not stop. The Bible warns Christians about this, and that they must be watchful of the devil.

This is the physical manifestation of the spiritual battle American Christians are waging.

These two celebrities have no idea the spiritual bondage that is encapsulating them. The enemy has them dancing like puppets to the tune of mocking the One who died for them.

Mark 9 explains how Christians need to fight these kinds of spirits, with prayer and fasting. For the sake of these two celebrities, who in their ignorance are influencing millions with their actions, and all those who continue this trend of mocking their Savior, Christians must pray and fast for their souls. If not, they will suffer eternally for their actions because they did not receive the life-saving gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

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