Social Media Influencer Battles Woke Epidemic

(Isabella DeLuca)
For espousing biblical values and a traditional standard of morality that sex is exclusively for marriage, a 22-year-old, conservative Christian woman named Isabella DeLuca, who is a social media influencer with 138,000 followers on Twitter and 52,000 followers on Instagram, is attacked viciously and relentlessly on social media.

The uncensored culprits of this steady stream of online assaults and unchained hatred against her tend to be social media users with a woke, leftist ideological agenda, especially self-described "birthing persons" who express jealousy, mental imbalance and a deficiency of real love. The anti-Christian social media mob uses intimidation to try to get their way, which is to make young Christian women "shut up."

But an increasing number of young Christian women are refusing to be silenced. DeLuca is just one example of young, conservative Christian women who are taking a stand for biblical values, exhibiting their faith in Christ publicly on social media.

While it's inspiring and empowering, there is a price to be paid for such boldness, openness and display of courage. DeLuca has lost not only friends, but also lost her job for expressing her conservative worldview and Christian faith. She has also received death threats and is continuously bullied on social media platforms.

Former U.S. Ambassador Nikki Hailey told Brian Kilmeade in a Fox News interview last week, "There is nothing that scares the libs more than a strong conservative female." If this is true, then leftist voters are scared woke-less.

The people who are trying to muzzle, cancel and belittle conservative Christian women of Generation Z do not have effective arguments against the proven positive merits of biblical values and traditional morality. Instead, they opt to attack the identity and physical appearance of the person under attack. It becomes excruciatingly personal, ultimately crossing the line of sanity into a warped realm of delusion.

Using leftist propaganda as a weapon, they brand the young woman as "extremist" or try to convince everyone else to dismiss her, like they have done with Ye (formerly Kanye West).

But after suffering the trials of being a young Christian in an anti-Christian world, DeLuca mustered the determination to fight back and not back down, no matter what. It's a lonely, perilous journey, but she leaned on her faith.

"When I first began voicing my opinion online, I had a very difficult time with it," admits DeLuca, who has a history of posting Bible verses, pro-life views, pro-sanctity of marriage messages and faith-filled, Christ-honoring thoughts on social media.

"I wasn't used to being told by strangers on the Internet that I should kill myself, some people even sending me tips on how I should kill myself, others threatening to kill me, and just overall being beyond hateful."

Shaken yet undeterred, she turned to the Word of God for strength amid the onslaught of online attacks from the liberally hypocritical crowd that ironically preaches "tolerance" and "inclusiveness."

"One Bible verse, in particular, significantly helped me overcome all of this hate. In John 15:18, He says, 'If the world hates you, remember it hated Me first,'" she states. "Jesus was perfect, and yet people still hated Him. They even tortured and crucified Him."

Jesus revealed a truth that sets a person free from people-pleasing.

"No matter what we do in life, there is always going to be someone somewhere that isn't going to like us. If I'm going to be hated, it's going to be for loving Jesus, standing up for biblical principles and loving my country," she adds.

While most people think the enormous divide in today's America is political—Republicans vs. Democrats, right-wing vs. left-wing—DeLuca thinks it's really about good vs. evil.

"You have one side that advocates and celebrates the murder of the unborn. They harm God's children by exposing them to explicit drag shows and sexual indoctrination in schools. They promote the dismantling of the nuclear family by encouraging women to choose their careers over getting married and having a family."

She adds with a twist, "The very things that they claim to stand for, such as love, acceptance and tolerance, are the very things that they lack."

It is not uncommon or impractical for a young person to back off out of fear and let go of one's "voice" in order to avoid conflict with the hate-spewing mob. But this social media influencer made a conscious decision that she hopes inspires other young people. She held onto her voice, paving the way for other young women.

"I've chosen to push back against woke culture and take a stand for biblical values because I want to look back on my life 30 years from now and feel confident in my decision despite losing friends, being fired from my job, despite all the hate and death threats, that I stood for what was right and good," DeLuca says.

When asked what her message is to girls who are younger than she is, she says, "The message I would convey to people who are younger than me, particularly teenagers who are growing up in this intense anti-Christian culture and trying to figure things out while trying to figure themselves out, is that nothing in this world is worth sacrificing your morals and values or who you are in Christ to simply 'fit in.' Take my word for it."

Despite being treated as an outcast, DeLuca claims that, if she could go back and change anything she has done over the past five years in sharing her Christian faith openly and honestly on social media, she wouldn't change a thing.

Unexpectedly, a new phenomenon has arisen. Because a godless culture of transgenderism and critical race theory have become so popular and mainstream, the new counterculture that has become the new "cool" thing is being a Bible-believing, Holy Spirit-filled Christian.

This identity in Christ amplifies individual freedom, including the freedom of expression, which is a threat to the censorship-loving on Twitter.

Mainstream culture, including the media, Hollywood, the music industry, educational institutions and the business world try to make everyone conform and follow a pre-set script that is written by the global intellectual elite with epically self-centered motives to deceive billions of people with demonic ideas, like the "Great Reset."

In contrast, a young, conservative Christian woman has 2,000 years of proof that the Jesus-first, Bible-based, freedom-loving and life-affirming approach to family, culture and society is actually better, producing significantly more positive results than the mess that the anti-Christian, anti-freedom, anti-common-sense mob has created in our nation in the last few years.

"Look around us. Everything from major corporations to popular artists in the music industry have profited off of promoting anti-Christian, far-Left and evil rhetoric. It's the 'in' thing to support abortion, not have respect for your body, to lack civility for those who think differently than you, not get married and tear down men," she says.

"If you would have told me 10 years ago that the Resistance would have looked like being a Christian, dressing modestly, getting married and having children, I would have never believed you," admits DeLuca. "Traditionalism has become the real resistance."

The contrast is stark. A conservative woman of faith like DeLuca can say definitively what a woman is. Her opposition, which has been liberally indoctrinated, seem to have trouble articulating something so simple as this.

The fact is that biological science and the Bible line up with each other perfectly. The fundamentals of a productive, fulfilling and joyful life also line up with the Bible.

Experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit on a daily basis is better than sex to those who have a higher view of life. Moreover, history has also shown that born-again, charismatic Christians who walk in the Spirit and the tangible grace of God the Father have the best married lives among all couples.

A woman who preserves her sexual integrity and honors the sanctity of marriage in God's eyes stands out like a light in a spiritually dark world. Sexual purity is also an investment in the future, with a high return on investment.

Do conservative Christian women know secrets to how life works that liberal women don't?

Sexual compromise results in brokenness, which sends a person's life into a spiral. This is a reality that DeLuca seems to be betting her choice of personal integrity on. Because she is different, she has a target on her back, or, at least, on the "back" of her social media accounts.

In 30 years, what deep troubles and regrets will these haters on the Left have, while women like DeLuca are happily married, living a life not of man-made "privilege," but, rather, a life of God's daily blessings? Will the last be first, even on social media?

One wonders if it will be "Day 10,950" of DeLuca posting a picture of herself because women and Leftists keep hating on her.

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