Ben Shapiro Trashes Unnatural Claims Against Historic Jewish Figures

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Attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs are nothing new, yet are intensifying in frequency and reach. People are trying, on every social platform, to wrap their earthly ideologies around the Bible and Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible, to justify their beliefs and actions.

These attacks have intensified as God has become removed from America's more secular society.

To shed light on and debunk these takes on Scripture, Ben Shapiro and the "Daily Wire" have created a new series called, "Woke TikTok's, The Search for God."

The first part in the series hosts four "woke" TikTok users, all trying to conform the Bible to their way of life, and not the other way around.

Starting the video, Shapiro speaks with a self-identified witch who tell new versions of Bible stories and uses the historical figures of Jacob, Joseph and Deborah to determine the argument for "gender non-conforming" figures in the Bible.

The "witch" says Jacob was non-binary because of his smooth skin and lived in the tents as opposed to Esau's role as a hunter.

"Biblically speaking, what that means is that he liked to study," Shapiro explained. "That's the typical sort of biblical binary is that you're either a man of the fields or a man of the tents. Jacob, I mean he had four wives and 12 children by them! He gets the name Israel in a wrestling if you like books you're a girl now?"

The witch's next argument was that because Jacob gave Joseph his coat of many colors, that he had to have been the first drag queen in the Bible.

"I love how we're now retconning the rainbow into a gay symbol in the Bible," an exasperated Shapiro says. "So, a symbol that you appropriated in the last five minutes and called 'gay,' now if it's mentioned in a document that is some 3,500-years-old, it means gay back then, magic how that worked!

"Also, he's wearing a coat that is supposed to be sort of a holy emblem of Jacob's love, and this means that he is a drag queen?"

Next, the TikTok biblical expert argued that Deborah, the strong, female judge of the Old Testament, was non-bianry and proud, and that her leadership was in defiance toward the male-led society that she lived in.

"Deborah was a judge who's also a general and she goes out to war with Barak," Shapiro explains. "This means somehow, she's a trans-lesbian or something? Why? You can't just say she's a powerful woman?"

Shapiro, becoming visibly annoyed by the far-reaching, casual fallacies he is having to endure, pulled out his Jewish Bible on his phone to directly contradict the last claim:

"Quote, this is from Judges 5:7 ... (reads in Hebrew) ... Okay the last few words there mean 'arose, a mother in Israel.' That's Deborah describing herself, 'a mother, in Israel.' Apparently, she violates the general non-binary because she's a lesbian or something. A mother."

These types of videos are becoming increasingly more common, as more people try to use the Jewish and Christian texts to justify aberrant beliefs and behaviors.

These are the exact moments that the Bible prophesied about thousands of years ago. In both Isaiah 5:20 and 2 Timothy 3:1-5, Scripture warns of these corrupted takes on the Christian and Jewish Bibles.

And they are not going to stop, they will only get worse and more heretical. This is why Christians and Jews must stand up for the truth found within the Scriptures.

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James Lasher is a Copy Editor for Charisma Media.

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