Boston Children's Hospital, Vanderbilt Pediatric Gender Clinic and a Documentary Exposing the Transgender Movement

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Political commentator Matt Walsh exposed Vanderbilt Pediatric Gender Clinic in a series of tweets that left lawmakers demanding an investigation into the hospital's practices. In the videos posted to his Twitter page, doctors were seen promoting the transgender surgeries at the hospital because they are "money makers."

There's no doubt there is clearly a culture war between those who are promoting the transgender movement and those who are working to expose what is going on behind the scenes. The World Professional Association for Transgender Health released their standards of care earlier this month. They removed all sections related to the minimum age for children to receive gender care like puberty blockers or surgery.

When you take a look at how the mainstream media promote gender ideology you would get the picture that there are a lot of middle aged men who are now transitioning and finding themselves. Political activists claim that is not the case, this is an issue amongst young teenage girls.

"I've got a teacher friend who teaches 4th grade and like 40% of her class is declaring as nonbinary," says filmmaker Don Johnson.

Johnson has a documentary film coming out on Oct. 8 called 'Dysconnected.' As a father, he started doing some research into what teenage girls are facing in culture today. Here's how he says it starts:

  • Social transition: changing your pronouns in school, often hiding it from parents and then changing their name.
  • Puberty blockers: often synthetic and cross sex hormones like testosterone which cause immense permanent damage.
  • Sex change surgeries which are called "top surgeries" or "bottom surgeries" which could involve removing a young girl's healthy breast tissue.

"This is happening in girls younger, and younger, and younger," Johnson says. What Johnson is trying to show people through his film is that this is not some grassroots movement. This is a lot of very influential people with a lot of money who are pushing this on kids.

Just like Walsh revealed in exposing Vanderbilt, the never ending hospital visits and prescription pills is highly enticing for these hospitals. They don't care if you have religious beliefs that go against transgender surgeries, they say there will be consequences.

Protests broke out at Boston Children's Hospital this week after the hospital was accused of performing genital surgery on minors. Federal law enforcement arrested a 37-year-old woman for calling the hospital with a bomb threat.

"There is a philosophy under girding this and the way to fight this isn't politically, you are going to have to realize this is a spiritual battle," Johnson says.

Johnson says it is an incredibly dark movement when you peel away all of the layers and realize it's a satanic attack on the human body, the family and God himself. Satan is clearly ramping up spiritual warfare and he is targeting the identity of youth worldwide.

"What could be darker than a 13-year-old girl being told you are not right the way you are, you are messed up and you should mutilate your body," Johnson says.

The church needs to offer an alternative. The young men and women who have transitioned and many who are detransitioning are not the enemy. Christians need to come along side of them and understand what they have been through. The real fight is exposing those in high up positions who are looking to profit off a lifelong sentence of prescription medication and surgeries.

To listen to my full podcast interview with Don Johnson click here.

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