The General and 'The Entrepreneur' Spark Movement to Destroy Communist Ideals in America

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At first glance, they make an unlikely couple. General Michael Flynn, veteran of Iraq, Afghanistan and many other battlefields, and Dr. Patrick M. Byrne, veteran of multiple entrepreneurial ventures ranging from working for Warren Buffett to starting, which revolutionized online selling of furniture and home goods.

They very much have common ground, however, though two loves—the love of God and the love of their country. Both grew up in the church; both with a little wandering in their faith; and both recently returned to their faith, albeit with more of a kinship with "deplorables" than with the "Christian Swamp."

"I grew up in faith" Byrne says. "It was a brush with death that sealed my heart and my purpose. More recently, I have found that those most consistently standing with us for love of country are men and women of faith—the 80 million precious "deplorables" who we are working hard to encourage and mobilize to save our country. I think that is because, at some level, they sense that what is happening in our country will ultimately prevail only with the destruction of the faith community."

In 2021, Byrne and General Michael Flynn formed an organization called America Project with a goal of mobilizing 80 million "deplorables" to, as they say, "get off their knees and get working."

"We stand at a historic moment in our history—either we stand up or it will forever be too late and Marxist, communist forces will have taken over our country," Flynn says.

Having seen firsthand as a military commander the results of lost battles, General Flynn is deeply worried for the country and for the dangerous direction she has turned since the election of 2020 and a complete takeover of all levels of government (with the exception of the Supreme Court) by Marxist communists intent on destroying the foundational principles of our nation.

Both Byrne and Flynn are zeroed in on the upcoming elections—the 2024 Presidential election and the 2022 midterms.

"All our focus is on the upcoming election. We must win it on the local, school board, city, county, state and national level and reclaim our country. They are preparing to boldly do it again," Byrne says.

The America Project is a non-profit organization led by believers with a bit of a different slant on faith. Both Flynn and Byrne, while strong in their faith have a message for the church, believe that while prayer is the basis of active faith, as Jesus in the temple, there comes a time when men and women of faith need to get off their knees and "throw out the moneychangers" who have defiled the "temple,"—in this case, our beloved nation.

The America Project is urgently in need of financial support, with Byrne having put much of his own personal fortune into the effort to educate, mobilize and move 80 million "deplorables" and individuals who want to join what they call "Flynn's Army." These are individuals who pledge to join the battle for our nation and her foundation in the Lord Jesus Christ by becoming precinct committee members, local poll watchers, election officials and candidates for local office. Their goal is to bring all they can to the upcoming election.

Flynn and Byrne believe it is absolutely critical to win by large margins, so that possible fraud can be overcome by overwhelming turnout as well as on-the-ground monitoring.

General Flynn has a challenge for believers.

"Now is the time for us to take our faith and put it in action" he says. "Our battle is not against the forces that we are up against, but it is really a spiritual battle that we can only win if we are committed to victory on the battlefield that is before us. I am confident that we will win; but as in all battles, the flight has been bloody and many of us have paid terrible prices for where we have come.

"But I am confident that when it comes to the moment our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ will stand up, put on the full armor of God and together we will have victory and return our country to its status as a 'city on a hill,' proclaiming the love of the Lord Jesus Christ and His freedom to a world in need."

Anyone interested in becoming part of the America Project can visit and join the newsletter, engage in daily prayer and become involved in the upcoming election which is less than 60 days away.

Amir George directs The World Helpline.

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