Couple Attacked by Antifa: 'God Got Us Out of There'

Washington, DC (Wikimedia Commons)

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Charles R. Downs is quick to point out that he respects the police, and he doesn't blame the police for what happened to him recently in Washington D.C. when he was attacked by members of Antifa.

He points at DC Mayor Bowser and the George Soros-backed DC district attorney who, as he expressed, "probably ordered the police to basically stand down and let Antifa go wild on the conservative movement."

However, Downs and his fiancé got a helping hand amid the chaos.

"God got us out of there. There is no other way to explain it. We were able to finally make it to the police line. And if you see at the end of the video, a guy in blue, to this day I don't know who it was, who that guy was who grabbed us the last 10 feet and push us back behind law enforcement."

Downs wanted his attackers to be arrested. But police officers told him apathetically to "just move along." They didn't want to be bothered. Downs then asked if they would file a police report about the incident. The police officers never answered. They pushed Downs along, as if nothing had happened.

Then it was as if lightning struck again, yet in the opposite direction. Within a short period of time, despite the malaise of law enforcement, the video of the attack on Downs was tweeted out from President Trump's Twitter account (prior to Twitter banning President Trump permanently, violating his constitutional right to free speech as a U.S. citizen).

"President Trump was one of the only elected officials who stood up for me," Downs says.

He also expressed appreciation for a few other Republicans in Congress calling it out. Florida congressman Matt Gaetz shared the video on social media.

Down's tone turns somber. "What was really crazy, yet not shocking, was the silence from the Democrats about it. The video had 15 million views on Twitter alone at the time. President Trump shared it four times in 24 hours."

Independent journalist Andy Ngo, who authored the book "Unmasked: Inside Antifa's Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy," also tweeted about the incident, adding that BLM supporters were likely mixed into the Antifa mob as well.

Downs says, "I find it hard to believe no Democrat staff member or no Democrat member at Congress saw that. The fact that not one Democrat said anything to condemn the violence is horrific."

"This means that whenever violence is done to a Christian in America, Democrats will look the other way and be silent. No wonder voters for the Democrats don't even know the truth about the violent tactics."

This young man from the Midwest had a revelation. He witnessed the playbook of leftist radicalism play itself out.

"I knew the left was radical and I knew they were violent obviously from the riots and everything. But I didn't realize how mainstream their radical in violence was," he adds.

Reflecting on the traumatic incident, he says, "I could have died or I could have had brain damage or never been able to walk again or something terrible like that, where I wouldn't be able to tell my story and tell people about what's going on, but no, God got me out of there. And I thank Him every day for that. I've never been more focused. I am determined to push the message out there."

Downs prays for his attackers. He has indicated that he is not angry with them. He doesn't see his attackers as the force behind the assault. He sees the "real enemies" as those people who are funding it, as well as the lawmakers who are not enforcing the laws or they are even encouraging people to join Antifa and BLM.

"I pray for them every day that they see the light because they've been manipulated by evil," Downs says. "Democrats try to convince the country that militant, left-wing groups like Antifa do not exist. What's the smartest thing Satan ever did? It was to convince the world that he doesn't exist."

Downs is now committed to fight harder than ever for faith and freedom. He is taking a public stand to protect religious freedom, and as he puts it, "everything else that makes America great." He believes it is part of God's plan for his life.

"The best thing I can do is to build awareness," says Downs.

His personal experience has gotten attention beyond the MAGA crowd.

"I've had a few Democrats actually come up to me and say, 'I've heard your story. It was horrifying. I'm never voting for that party again.' And this was after they voted for Joe Biden. They finally saw the truth and walked away from the Democratic Party."

A shift of historic proportions is underway in America, he believes, ranging from Brandon Straka's #WalkAway Campaign to full-blown spiritual awakening and revival. Downs boldly says, "Bring it all on."

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