Lance Wallnau Issues Stunning Prophetic Warning to Believers Concerning Elections

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Note: This is part one of a two-part article.

A major problem in America today is that evil has once again solidified itself as an institutional manifestation. Ironically, 50% of Christian voters who vote Democrat in elections are supporting and advancing this evil without understanding the dangers and the long-term effects, according to Dr. Lance Wallnau, the head of the Lance Learning Group, a strategic teaching and consulting company based in Dallas, Texas.

"The Democrats, I believe, are unified in evil right now," says Wallnau. "What's weird is that half of Christians out there will vote Democrats, which tells you that they are ignorant. So why are they ignorant? Because their priests, their teachers, their shepherds are confused."

Wallnau surmises that a controlling spirit is asserting influence and intimidation to exploit many Christians' lack of wisdom while gaining agreement, both in the natural and in the spiritual, with an "institutional expression" of evil that is cleverly presented like "an angel of light" to trick people, even people who pray, meditate and read the Bible and do good deeds every day.

"For some weird reason, the Left is able to package the worst ideas and make them sound the most appealing, which has to do with mind control," says Wallnau.

As a student of the past and a futurist at the same time, Wallnau sees history repeating itself in a way that is trying to shape the future of America.

"The Left, which I am seeing more and more as the devil, and of course, this is dangerous territory," says Wallnau. "But there have been times in history when evil solidifies itself into institutional expression."

He points to the KKK as an example. "There is nothing really redemptive about the KKK. It's not like, 'Well, they have some good points. They do good for the laundry industry. Look, they're wearing sheets all the time.' No! I mean, there is nothing redemptive about the Nazi Party either."

But when the devil gets organized into the institutionalized manifestations, he says, these become defining times in history. "The South during the Civil War, highly organized militarily, financially, agriculturally, industrially, geographically. The problem was they were unified for slavery."

Similarly, the Democrats in the United States are unified and organized in such a way as to try to enslave all Americans, Christians and non-Christians alike, argues Wallnau.

Democrats are desperate to retain their political power and influence, so they will say anything and promise anything to tickle the ears of voters, no matter how propagandistic, non-sensical, destructive, deceptive or ludicrous the ideas and assertions are. Without wisdom or lessons in financial reality or spiritual reality, many Christians are deceived.

"You don't print money and throw it on an inflationary fire when you don't have jobs or work, and then say, 'This is a great strategy for reducing inflation.' An idiot knows you don't put more fuel on a fire to lower the temperature. But that's what you do when you print money for people who aren't making money. They are just sucking it up. More money out there creates more inflation," says Wallnau, who considers the Biden Administration's so-called "Inflation Reduction Act" as pure propaganda and the opposite of its name.

The federal government claims to be "fighting inflation" but, in reality, is making more people financially broke. The government asserts that it's making people "more free" while taking away their individual rights. And it is pontificating how it is "giving people hope" while taking away their substance. Noting the irony, Wallnau scoffs that it doesn't make sense.

"What party in the world goes to office saying, 'I'm going to hire 87,000 IRS agents to mug you. You thought you had problems before. We're going to tax the daylights out of you and then we're going to go over your books to see if we can shake you down a little more. Hey, vote for me.' And they're still getting votes. I'm trying to figure out who is voting for them" says Wallnau. "Why is it that Christians support the Left, the Democrats?"

He is puzzled about how people of faith in America actually fall for the deception that the Democratic Party is advancing as a pro-socialist—arguably pro-communist—party. He points out an example of a socialist country in South America that offers up significant lessons in reality for unaware Christians in America.

"If you look at Venezuela, when the country goes down, it puts the socialists and the military in power," explains Wallnau. "Now, you have no democracy for the people. You have no middle class that has financial resources to fight you. So, now you have, like the CCP, you can actually have winners and losers."

As if hitting a crescendo with a clanging cymbal, he announces, "The winners are the government in power."

As a prophetic futurist, Wallnau describes what the future will be if the Democrats retain power through the 2022 and 2024 elections. "Money is going to go to the socialist who is on the party platform because the guy who is working for the government is going to get your money, and you're going to be in the bread line because they are going to control your speech."

Censorship is needed to control people. No wonder the Biden Administration wanted to create its own version of a "Ministry of Truth" in order to spin all narratives to favor the government, reinforcing its power, prestige and ability to make people comply.

He continues, "There are always winners and losers. The losers are going to be the people, freedom and the economy. The winners will be the oligarchy and the political party in power and the crony capitalism of those connected to them that get the deal flow and the privilege. There will always be privilege, even in a corrupt society."

Note: In part two, Wallnau will offer up insights, advice and spiritual discernment about how this dangerous trend can still be reversed in America before it is too late. Wallnau aims to help make more Christians into strategic thinkers. Check back to Charisma News next week for this practical wisdom from this leading prophetic figure for both the spiritual and natural realms.

Anthony Hart is a freelance writer for Charisma News.

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