What Can You Do About the Loss of Your Freedoms and Rising Totalitarianism?

Jim Garlow (Jim Garlow Facebook page)
Nick Vujicic is well known as one of America's most prominent and most sought-after national and international speakers. Born with no arms and no legs, he has overcome so much.

But nothing prepared him for what happened to him in April of 2019 when he awoke to find out that his bank account had been frozen, as had his credit cards and debit cards. One of the nation's most recognized spiritual leaders was stripped of the use of his funds, all because his bank did not like his views.

Unusual, you say? Not so. This has happened and is happening to many, we are told.

Not long ago, when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was threatened by a totally legal and peaceful trucker protest in Ottawa, he suspended the Canadian Constitution—like any good dictator would—and froze the bank accounts of anyone who had given cash, no matter how small an amount, or even sandwiches to the truckers.

Trudeau turned Canada into Cuba overnight. Add to that the inhumane treatment in prisons of some pastors in Canada who attempted to hold worship services during lockdowns, and it might be more accurate to say that Canada has become the "China-da."

What would you do if your bank accounts were frozen? Better yet, what should you do now to avoid that situation? Kevin Freeman, TV talk show host of the Economic War Room, will tell you what your options are at the upcoming Future Conference, to be held across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., in Arlington, Virginia, on July 20 and 21.

If you cannot get to Arlington, you can watch online from the comfort of your home.

Your economic freedom is not the only thing under assault. So is your religious liberty.

Want to test this? Just go to your workplace or school and announce that you believe the Bible teaches that babies should not be murdered in the womb, that marriage consists of one man and one woman, and that God made humans as male or female only, meaning you will not call a "he" a "she."

You will not merely be attacked as being homophobic and transphobic. You will likely be required to go through "diversity" training, which in reality is non-diversity coercion, or be expelled or fired.

Dr. Jim Garlow, who is organizing the event, views the upcoming Future Conference next month as "cancellation insurance." "You have car, house and life insurance. However, you hope you will never need them," Garlow says. "But it is better to have insurance and not need it, than to need it and not have it."

So it is with the information at the Future Conference. It is better to know it and not need it—and we really do hope you will never need to use much of what you learn at the Future Conference—than to need it and not know it. Let's be frank: The future belongs to those who prepare for it. And knowledge is power. The knowledge you learn at the Future Conference might even save your life and the lives of your family and your neighbors.

What if your church was forced "underground"? What would you do? What would that look like? "Oh, but that can't happen in America," you say.

Say that to the pastors across America who have faced fines and even jail time merely for having church services. Be assured that the Jews in Germany in the 1930s did not believe what was about to happen to them. Wise is the person who prepares for what might or could occur. The Future Conference will include a speaker from a country in which he oversees 1.5 million Christians in what they call the "decentralized church."

What about your medical freedom? Some have estimated that there might be as many as 25,000 doctors who have refused to "bow to Baal," take orders from the government and coerce their patients to receive a "vaccine" they did not want. What if your doctor is one of those and loses his or her license to practice medicine? Or what if you want to go to one of those doctors?

Or what if your health insurance says they are going to drop your coverage unless you acquiesce to the government's demand that you put something in your body you don't want? What will you do then?

The Future Conference—July 20-21—has experts to guide you regarding what to do.

What about your children? What if your tax-supported, state-run school says that homosexuality and transsexualism are good, that a "he" can be a "she" or a "they" and men can use the same showers as women, that America is systemically evil, that abortion is good, that all whites are racists, that evolution is how the world began, or that the Bible is "hate speech" and one cannot mention God or Jesus in the classroom? Perhaps you should consider an alternative, not merely from preschool through elementary and high school years but in college and graduate work as well. How can you do that?

The Future Conference—with over 40 speakers—will address this.

Let me take you even further. If you had to flee (and we pray you never have to), where would you go? There are people who know how to hide the Jews to protect them from the global rise of anti-Semitism. Now these same people are having to think about places of refuge for Jesus followers in the midst of rising "anti-Christianism." Rosemary Schindler Garlow, wife of Dr. Jim Garlow, will help guide the discussion on this topic.

To be clear, this conference is not about fear. Not at all. It is about confidence—that is, confidence that the Holy Spirit still speaks, we can listen, and He can show us what we are to do.

In fact, between each of the speakers we have allowed time for our four designated "Conference Apostles, Prophets, and Intercession Team Leaders" to share God-given apostolic proclamations and prophetic announcements, pray pastoral prayers, share exhortations grounded in Scripture or lead in praise. The purpose for that? To keep our eyes on the Lord.

Let me reaffirm that we are not the least bit fearful. Concerned? Yes. Fearful? No. We are confident in our Lord. At the same time, we praise God that the biblical record is the story of God revealing to His children how to be prepared for what is to come.

Come to Arlington, Virginia, or join us online for Holy Spirit-inspired days of grand preparation: the Future Conference.

Future Conference organizer Dr. Jim Garlow and his wife, Rosemary, lead a ministry called Well Versed, which brings biblical principles of governance to government leaders—and to the people who elect them. See more at wellversedworld.org.

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