Christians Beware: The WHO Plans to Weaponize Pandemics Against Personal Freedom and National Sovereignty

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In America, our founding Fathers set the government up to defend personal freedom and national sovereignty. Clay Clark believes that globalist forces are trying to destroy both.

As the host of the "Thrive Time" Radio Show and founder of the Reawaken America Tour, Clark looks to Scripture as his "first news source." Not only is it his first news source, he says, "When I drive my car, I listen to the Bible because that's my second news source." Clark says that he tries to filter every piece of news through the filter of Scripture, and because of that, every time I talk with him, he brings something fresh and new to the table.

Speaking of new, Clark says that there's a new virus media influencers are thrusting onto the world stage by the name of Monkeypox.

Interestingly, Clark has discovered that the Nuclear Threat Initiative, an organization founded by Ted Turner and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, predicted the outbreak of monkeypox over a year ago. Clark says that they predicted the first outbreak accurately within days of when the first outbreak actually happened.

While Monkeypox doesn't seem to be a worldwide "pandemic" yet, Clark shows how the precedents set by COVID lockdowns could lead to power hungry politicians locking down countries. He references Yuval Noah Harrari, an advisor for the World Economic Forum and an academic respected by Obama and many other world leaders. In a video, Harrari says this about the implications of COVID: "Conceptually... it shows you that you can change things on a massive scale - that... you can stop all flights. You can lock down entire countries. You can actually do that."

Harrari continues, "And this... may make us more open to radical ideas about how to deal also with climate change. The COVID-19 crisis could be a... watershed moment, a moment of significant change in the history of surveillance because surveillance is being revolutionized - transformed from over the skin surveillance to under the skin surveillance."

Clark warns that Harrari's observations are seriously being considered by the World Health Organization as they plan how to usurp any nation's sovereignty under the guise of stopping deadly viruses.

Helen Clark, a key member of the World Health Organization, told members of the World Economic Forum, "We have to believe that it's possible to stop a localized outbreak, becoming a raging global pandemic. And that means better surveillance [and] more transparency by all member states... The WHO needs the power to be on the site."

She continues, "And it's got to be able to declare an emergency without being kneecapped by an emergency committee."

Here's what Clark says that means for the United States. The World Health Organization has the support of over 100 nations, who have all agreed to give them emergency power during global health emergencies. "If any country in the world is not complying with the World Health Organization's recommendations," says Clark, "They are a threat to everybody else, to the health of those other hundred nations."

He continues, "And therefore, all the other nations need to descend upon that nation that won't comply to stop the spread."

Clark states bluntly, "If we comply, America will die."

Based on his research, Clark believes we might soon find ourselves in another engineered "pandemic." If we do, he has three pieces of advice for every one of us.

"Don't take the monkeypox vaccine," he says. "Second, is I recommend Pick up a copy of this book- Believer's Authority written by Kenneth Hagin. It's powerful." He also recommends coming out to a ReAwaken America Tour event where you can connect with like-minded people to find out how you can help bring revival to this country.

Our government was set up to defend personal freedom and national sovereignty. If our politicians won't do that, it's time for the people to rise up, and before we rise up, we must wake up.

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