Candace Owens Film Exposes Lies About George Floyd and BLM

Candace Owens (Candace Ownes Facebook page)

Candace Owens says that George Floyd was no saint, and he wasn't even a hero.

In her new film, The Greatest Lie Ever Told: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM, which releases on May 22, she'll expose the false narrative surrounding the man who is now celebrated in hundreds of street murals from Minneapolis to Los Angeles to Berlin, Germany to Bethlehem, Israel.

"The Left has tried to present Floyd as 'Saint George,' assuring us that he was just 'getting his life together,' and working to set a good example for others," Owens says. "But here's the truth. Here is the person whose life and whose name are now 'synonymous with justice.'"

In her film, she aims to highlight details about Floyd's life that the mainstream media tried to cover up and downplay. Details like, Floyd was arrested 9 times in one decade. In 2007, he broke into a home with four other men and robbed two women at gunpoint. A toddler was in the house.

"Despite his lengthy criminal past, he is being celebrated as a wonderful human being," Owens says. "You are simply not allowed to acknowledge and speak the truth about his violent criminal record. You're also not allowed to talk about the inconvenient details of the events which led to Floyd's death."

Owens promises to highlight those details in her new film. Her film will discuss the amount of "fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system," the video that showed "Floyd resisted arrest" and "the testimony from his girlfriend who admitted that they had both been addicted to drugs."

Owens also addresses how "the prosecution never proved that Derek Chauvin's actions were racially motivated."

According to Owens, the mainstream media has ignored "the things that would help us fix black America." She believes we should be trying to figure out how to minimize drug abuse and criminality.

Instead, the media and BLM have both tried to pressure citizens into "celebrating criminals"—criminals like George Floyd.

"More than ever, we need people willing to stand up and say that what is happening in this country is wrong and backwards," Owens says. "We must refuse to accept the media's narrative and stop bowing down to the mob. That's how we truly promote justice in our communities and our country."

Go to to watch The Greatest Lie Ever Told: George Floyd And The Rise of BLM.

Rob Vischer is a freelance writer for Charisma Media.

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