Angelic Visitation Imparts Stunning Prophecies to MorningStar Ministries' Chris Reed

Note: Begin watching the video at the 1:05:37 mark to hear Reed's stunning prophetic revelations.

MorningStar Ministries CEO Pastor Chris Reed says he recently received an angelic visitation, one that revealed some amazing prophecies to the prophetic pastor about upcoming world events.

Reed revealed these prophecies to the MorningStar Church congregation and online in a service this past Sunday.

"There are a few things I'm not supposed to share, but of course, you know, just a holy reverential comes all over you when something like that happens," Reed said. "It's unspeakable, it's enthralling, yet completely terrifying. But on May 13, I had an angelic visitation, and it was right when I was waking up.

"The main thing he talked to me about was world events and what's coming up. One of the first things he said to me is that two children of the cold war will be removed and taken out of power. And then, he said to me watch Joe Biden taken out of power and so will Vladimir Putin pretty soon. Both will happen fairly closely together. I say this in the fear of the Lord. He says they'll happen both fairly close together and they will no longer be in their positions.

"He also said that Kamala Harris would be very hesitant and would struggle with the idea of being president. Of course, that's the way it would work, if the president is no longer in office, the vice president steps up. He said to watch Sen. Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, that she would emerge after this happens to become more of a major player in the void after Biden is no longer in the White House ... I do not wish harm in any way to anyone. I'm just saying there is an unfolding of events and Elizabeth Warren will emerge to help in that time. I'm not saying she'll be president, but I'm just saying she will emerge in that time.

"Another thing he told me is that, because of the economic turmoil and increasing of birth pains in the earth, the financial economic political upheaval, there will be a lot of confusion and disorientation. He said that the world was now beginning to look for a leader to bring peace and security. France wants another Napoleon, Spain wants another queen, Greece wants another Alexander the Great and Rome wants another Caesar. That's how he said it.

"He went on to say that, in the coming days, the city of Paris, France, will become a hotbed of turbulence; something will trigger a hotbed of turbulence there. This is something that I want to say and please don't read too much into this, but he did emphasize a particular world leader to really keep an eye on and that he's calling the church to pray about—one that could potentially be the world of darkness' answer for the turbulence. Things will unfold, and he said to keep your eye on the newly re-elected president of France, Emmanuel Macron. He said Emmanuel Macron will gain more public notoriety soon, more coverage and he will emerge with more worldwide recognition for his purpose and to introduce false peace primarily to Europe.

"The angel said to me, 'look at his birthday.' And after the encounter, I looked up his birthday and it just so happens his birthday is Dec. 21. December 21 is the winter solstice—the birthday of every pagan god from every culture in history including Jupiter, Zeus, Mercury, Baal and Tamus. They're all born on Dec. 21 because the ancient pagans believed that the sun died that day because it's the shortest day of the year. They believe the sun was being rebirthed after that because the days start getting longer after Dec. 21.

"I'm not saying that he is a pagan god but it's not a coincidence that he's born on that day and the fact his name is Emmanuel. When the Scripture speaks about the man of sin who would be revealed, who would sit in the temple proclaiming himself to be God, remember Emmanuel means, 'God with us.' I don't believe that he's God, but I'm very concerned and very troubled about the future and the enemy's plans for Emmanuel Macron.

"I want you to be prayerful about this and to take this into very strong prayer consideration."

Reed went on to say that the angel told him that there would be an increase in earthquakes; that India would see a major one. And, he also told Reed that a significant war would break out soon, that China would "continue to advance its plans in the attack of Taiwan."

Chris Reed is a prophetic pastor and the CEO of MorningStar Ministries in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

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