Top of the Week: Prophetic Encounter at Pearl Harbor Inspires Urgent Global Call to Purim Prayer

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Prophetic Encounter at Pearl Harbor Inspires Urgent Global Call to Purim Prayer

s the world moving into global war? This prospect became very real to Jolene and me during a long-planned ministry trip to Hawaii last week.

The day after we arrived, we felt strongly impressed to pray at Pearl Harbor with a small team covering our journey. The Lord encountered us profoundly there, giving us a clear prophetic warning as well as surprising hope for what's ahead.

Finally, during this encounter at Pearl Harbor, the Lord showed us to issue a global call to Purim Prayer. As with Queen Esther when her people were faced with an existential threat, we can see a turnaround. The Haman spirit can be exposed and restrained. And as in Esther's day, the Lord is calling us to pray accordingly!

Chuck Pierce: What God Showed Me About Russia, Ukraine, China, America and the Church

Since 1984, I've worked with churches and organizations in old Soviet Bloc countries. While I was serving in one of those countries, God visited me and gave me the date for when the Iron Curtain would fall, November 1989. The Soviet Union crumbled right on schedule, and I continued to work in those countries and began to equip churches in China as well.

In 2020, I wrote a book for Charisma called Passover Prophecies about the era we're living in right now. In the book, I explained that Russia and China are rising and that by 2026, China would be the most dominant nation in the world. How do I know that? In 1986, before the Iron Curtain fell, God showed me.

In 2004 and 2008, I wrote articles and met with leaders in the Ukraine to explain to them that they were in a very small window of revival. I told them if they didn't understand the times, they also wouldn't understand the progression of events after 2020. After 2020, Russia would re-establish themselves at the right time by regaining Ukraine. They would continue to gain back their old territory and move toward establishing themselves in Syria and ultimately move to gain more control in Israel. When that happens, we'll see Ezekiel 38 come alive in a way that we've never seen before.

This Is Wartime: Cindy Jacobs Issues Urgent Call to Prayer on March 16 and Beyond

Editor's Note: Cindy Jacobs of Generals International released the following appeal to prayer out of her deep concern for the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Watch the entire video above or at this link and read the edited transcript below.

Hello, welcome to this special edition of Shields Up. Normally we send something out in writing, but in light of the very, very serious condition in the world, I felt that I needed to just talk to you, especially I'm talking to the intercessors of the world. Those who have read my book Possessing the Gates of the Enemy, if you have not read it in a while, I'll encourage you, please read it again, because this is a time for war.

In the last couple of weeks, everything has changed. I don't need to tell you that; I'm sure you are aware of that. And what is going on in Ukraine and with Russia is affecting the whole world and potentially a World War III, which many prophets have prophesied in our prophetic datelines that we share on live on Facebook and Instagram. You will see that we have been giving warnings. If you do not listen to those on Thursdays 3:00 Central Time, I encourage you to do so because we are giving you spiritual intelligence, what the prophets are saying.

An American Seer Reveals how God Prepared Ukrainians for War

Prophetic minister Michelle Seidler, the founder and head of Ancient Paths International, says the Holy Spirit gave her a prophetic word about Ukraine well before Russia invaded its neighbor. God told her that he would prepare Ukrainians to persevere and would use the conflict to bring the country into its true position in the Spirit as "a mother to the nations."

Amid the horrific surge of death and destruction in Ukraine—and "the trauma of it all" – the prophetic word that the Lord gave Seidler was centered on a simple yet profound message: "Set our eyes on Jesus," even with the temptation to be offended by God's seeming inaction to stop the war. Seidler has fully embraced Proverbs 3:5b: "Lean not on your own understanding."

As a well-respected seer who has been ministering regularly in Ukraine for 10 years, Seidler explains in a YouTube video on March 6: "For years, I have traveled back and forth several times a year, traveling all over Ukraine. God was clear to me to teach them to see Jesus. Teach them to see Jesus. That's what the Holy Spirit would say to me."

Holy Spirit Shifts Grandson of Actress Shirley Jones From Cocaine Back to Christ

Jack Cassidy was 17 years old when he was selected to be a contestant on The Voice. He was in his element and convinced he could win it all.

But when Cassidy was cut from the contest, his dreams were dashed, and his life was soon hanging in the balance.

"I did one line that night that was—that was too much," says Cassidy. "And I felt my whole body start to shut down and go cold. And my heart started uncontrollably pounding out of my chest."

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