Top of the Week: Conservative Political Commentator Doug Wead, a Lifelong Pentecostal, Dies of Heart Failure at 75

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Top of the Week: Conservative Political Commentator Doug Wead, a Lifelong Pentecostal, Dies of Heart Failure at 75

Conservative political commentator and New York Times bestselling author Doug Wead, author of the 2019 book Inside Trump's White House: The Real Story of His Presidency, was removed from a ventilator and died of heart failure Friday after suffering a massive stroke a week ago. Wead was 75 years old.

Wead, who wrote more than 40 books and was an active participant in the 2000 U.S. presidential election, receiving some credit for George Bush's victory in the Iowa straw polls of 1999, was an insider in the Bush family, according to Time magazine, and was the man who coined the phrase, "compassionate conservative."

Wead's son, Scott, confirmed to Charisma News Friday that Wead suffered a massive stroke last week. He had been in the hospital since and suffered two heart attacks there. He was in a coma and had previously asked family members that he not be kept alive on life support. He died Friday after being taken off the ventilator.

One of the Best-Kept—and Most Spiritually Dangerous—Secrets in the Medical Field

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Have you heard of the coming microneedle patch COVID vaccine? How about the invisible-to-the-naked-eye quantum dot tattoo mark to be placed on the body at the same time and location as the microneedle patch?

The Velcro-looking microneedle patch is a painless way to deliver vaccines and also provides a way to store vaccine records (as well as personal data) on the body, thereby digitally proving the vaccine compliance. That proof will be necessary to "participate in society" (code for buy and sell).

Unlike the hypodermic needle, this little patch—which may look like a Band-Aid—can easily be self-administered and placed on the forehead, as well as on the right hand. (By the way, when the New Testament was written, the term "hand" included the wrist and forearm too.) It seems that such technology directly related to the mark of the beast (Rev. 13:16,17) is one of the best-kept secrets, even in the medical field.

1,000-Plus UK Church Leaders Prepared for Imprisonment Over Controversial Issue

More than 1,000 church leaders and ministers across the United Kingdom say they will continue to proclaim "the Lordship of Jesus Christ" and call "people to find life in Him," even if it means they will go to prison.

According to Christian Concern, 1,400 pastors have signed a petition asking the government to strike down a proposal that would ban so-called conversion therapy.

If passed, the measure could prevent ministers from helping those with unwanted same-sex attraction and could even prevent them from sharing the gospel.

The End-Times Reason Americans Need to Know What Now Adorns the UN

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One of the strangest statues that I have ever seen in my entire life has just been set up right outside U.N. Headquarters in New York City. When I first heard about this, I could hardly believe that the global elite would be so brazen, and so I checked into this very carefully.

Unfortunately, this is not just a bad rumor. This absolutely gigantic statue is called "The Guardian of International Peace and Security," and it looks like something out of a science fiction movie. It does not resemble any known creature on this planet. Instead, it appears to very closely resemble a "beast" that is described in the book of Revelation. If you have not seen it yet, you can see video footage of this "beast" right here. Did they really think that they could put this up without anyone noticing?

This Real-Life Angel Story Will Bring You to Tears

A mother is eternally grateful for a random stranger—an "angel in a pickup truck"—who recently saved her son's life after the little boy choked on a piece of hard candy.

Candace Pimentel told WVTM-TV how terror struck her and her children while they drove home from church one recent Sunday evening. Suddenly, her son, Raylen, started choking.

Pimentel quickly pulled her car off the road and attempted to help him, but to no avail. So, she started frantically waving for someone to assist her.

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