Strategic Heavenly Revelation: Holy Spirit Gave Dr. Stella Immanuel 10-Point Plan to Disciple America Back to God

Dr. Stella Immanuel (Charisma News archives)
This 10-point plan was given to me by the Holy Spirit on May 9, 2015. We had been praying for America at our church for several months, five to seven hours every day from Monday through Saturday. We greatly felt the burden of the current state of the church and nation and the helplessness of not knowing what to do. We came to the conclusion that only God can help us, and for weeks we planned to just cry out for help.

As we cried one day to the Lord, I felt His presence so heavy on me, and He began to download these revelations into my spirit. If the devil had a plan and it succeeded, we can have a plan too to turn the tide of things. The Bible says we should go into the world and make disciples of every nation. So I picked up a pen and started writing frantically as the Holy Spirit ministered to me, giving me a ten-point plan to disciple America back to God. This can be done in any nation, with any individuals or groups of people.

My prayer is that people will adopt whatever part they can do. I know a lot of men and women of God are already doing many parts of this plan and much more. But I'm going to put it down the way the Lord gave it to me. We have also included targeted prayer points to help direct your praying if you need it.

1. Put prayer back into the fabric of America.

  • Raise up prayer warriors in schools by teaching children to start student-led prayer meetings in schools.

  • Raise up prayer warriors in prisons through prison ministries.

  • Teach people to start personal, family, and church altars of prayer.

  • Teach children about deep prayer warfare and how to enjoy the presence of God. Children should be taught how to recognize sin in the schools and to bring repentance before God. One of our daughters here in the church came back to tell us that the leadership of her school had brought in a lady who wrote books on magic to give a talk at their school. She proceeded to tell her friends that it was witchcraft. She then sat in the class and under her breath prayed for the minds of all the children not to be influenced. She covered the whole class with the blood of Jesus and prayed all through the lecture. She also bound the spirits behind the lady and said that they would not operate in her school. She was only eleven years old, but she had been taught to recognize the works of the devil and take authority over them. Our children need to see us fasting, praying, and crying out so they can learn from experience. We should not put them in children's church to play or leave them at home when going to church. That's what Pharaoh told Moses. "Go to the wilderness and worship your God, and don't leave the children behind" (Exod. 10:24). The difference between regular quiet time and true prayer altar time is in breaking into the presence of God. A lot of us pray without actually getting into His presence. We need to practice spending time in God's presence and teach our children to know the presence of God and learn what it takes to break into that presence.

2. Teach children how to respect themselves and authority from school-led groups.

If we train our children to realize that their lives are precious in the sight of God and that their destinies can be derailed by poor choices, they will make good choices most of the time. We have children in their twenties who have chosen to preserve themselves and stay undefiled because they were taught to recognize that their lives are precious and God has a plan for them. We can show them examples of grown-ups and the mess they got into because of defilement and premarital sex.

3. Support marriages in prayer and get marriage counselors and churches to teach the biblical stand on marriage.

Marriage is one of the most corrupted institutions in this nation. Many people are suffering today because of wrong marital foundations. We must teach the biblical pattern of courtship. We must let our children know that dating is not scriptural but a distraction from their destiny and dreams. If they are not ripe for marriage, there is no need for a boyfriend or girlfriend. Courtship should be a premarital process done with chaperones and involve their spiritual leaders and much prayer. I tell people all the time that hell is the only thing worse than a bad marriage. If you as a child of God marry an unbeliever, your father-in-law is the devil and he will treat you accordingly. It is important to encourage purity programs among youths.

4. Teach abstinence and get pro-life organizations to provide support for life and adoption programs.

A lot of organizations are already doing this.

5. Raise up deliverance ministers, counselors, and prayer support for those who want to come out of the gay lifestyle and for Christians struggling with sexual immorality.

Many people who have been afflicted by the homosexual demon are under bondage, especially Christians who find themselves struggling with this. We have to provide solutions to this challenge as a church—not judge them and throw out, "Thou shalt not lie with mankind," but provide deliverance. Bring down the presence of God, which can change things and deliver them completely. We also need those struggling with these weaknesses to know that you don't give up that struggle and let the devil win. Many people are struggling with some other sins and are fighting the good fight of faith. There is overcoming to do, and we must resist the devil and put him to shame. We don't submit to and glamorize the sin.

6. Mobilize people to fast for the nation.

  • Every Christian should fast for a day for America. You can choose any day of the week. If thousands of us do that, there will come a time when many will be praying and fasting for the nation daily.

  • Adopt a state in America to pray for daily, that God's hand may be upon it.

  • Mobilize America to bring repentance to God for our sins. Deep, godly sorrow leads to genuine repentance.

7. Get Americans to read the Bible or listen to audio Bible apps as they drive, and so on.

One way to get a good knowledge of scripture is to read it every day. Get into the habit of listening to the Word of God.

  • Play it on an app on your phone.

  • Listen to it as you drive to work, while you are cooking in the kitchen, and while doing household chores.

  • Have the audio Bible play in your house, office, and church when you are not there and let it charge your environment.

  • Let it play in low volume in your children's rooms as they sleep instead of television, and it will minister to their spirits as they sleep.

  • Have the Bible instead of music play on your phone waiting tone at your business.

It's amazing how the presence of God that can be cultivated in an area by just letting Scripture play there. Let's get the Word of God back into our lives so it can bring life back to us. I use Bible Gateway online and play it on my computer and smartphones, including when I travel.

8. Locate Christians in leadership and government, and support them in prayer.

  • Raise up prayers warriors to pray for government officials.

  • Pray to reverse the evil laws that have been passed.

  • Raise up prayer warriors to pray for Hollywood and influence what comes out of it.

  • Raise up serious prayer covers for popular people the enemy is using to foster his agenda that they may get saved or be silenced.

9. Get local churches to bring repentance before God on behalf of our nation and pray for it whenever they meet for other purposes.

  • Pray for pastors and ministers to be relevant to God's agenda in this season.

  • Train deliverance ministers and prayer warriors to support local churches.

  • Encourage local churches to send their prayer warriors for free training.

  • Support local churches and ministers through prayer, especially against the spirit of deception and for God to speak through them.

  • Deal with the ruling spirits in all situations that are contrary to God's Word, including false religions, and pull them down. (See Ephesians).

  • Pray for the lost.

10. Raise awareness through media and social media.

As you read this, help to distribute it. Post it on your social media. Order copies of my book for your bookstore, church, and local distribution outlet. We have videos on this message on our YouTube channel. Watch them and share them. God will help us get the message out, in Jesus' name.

This article was adapted from Chapter 15 of Let America Live!: Ten-Point Plan to Disciple America Back to God by Dr. Stella Immanuel (Charisma House 2021).

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