Jonathan Cahn Reveals the Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times


Is it possible that a blueprint from ancient times is determining the timing of current some cases even down to the exact days and dates?

Could the people who lived in this ancient template match up with and hold the mystery behind the leaders of our day, and who rises to power and who does not?

And if so, what does the ancient paradigm say and portend about what is yet to come... our future? Could it even contain a warning critical for this hour and crucial for all to hear?

In his explosive book The Paradigm, released in September of 2017, Jonathan Cahn addresses those questions and more as he brings to light an ancient blueprint from the Bible that reveals the mystery behind current events that have shaken America and the world, and that continue to play out before our very eyes.

Cahn is the same author who caused a national and international stir with the New York Times best seller The Harbinger in 2011 and then The Mystery of the Shemitah in 2014 – two books that outlined a 3,000-year-old mystery from the Bible that holds the secret of America's future, the world's future, and the future for each one of us.

The Mystery of the Paradigm

In The Paradigm Cahn reveals how current events are following the ancient template. The following is taken from Chapter 20 of the book called "The Warrior":

As the [2016] election approached its final stretch, poll after poll after poll foretold that Clinton would win a decisive and substantial victory. Many of God's people began preparing for a future in which they believed they would live as a persecuted minority. It all appeared hopeless.

And then something happened. It would shock the White House. It would shock the media. It would shock the Democrats. It would even shock the Republicans. It would shock the world.

And yet it was all there, from ancient times, contained in the mystery of the paradigm. We now open up that mystery, as the paradigm unveils a new player on its stage, a most controversial figure—the warrior.

The Paradigm of Jehu (Trump's Archetype)

In The Paradigm, Cahn reveals a startling connection. It concerns the ancient warrior king known as 'Jehu'—and Donald Trump. Jehu's rise on the national stage would come suddenly and unexpectedly. It will throw the kingdom into chaos."

And Elisha the prophet called one of the sons of the prophets, and said to him, 'Get yourself ready, take this flask of oil in your hand, and go to Ramoth Gilead. Now when you arrive at that place, look there for Jehu the son of Jehoshaphat, the son of Nimshi, and go in and make him rise up from among his associates, and take him to an inner room. Then take the flask of oil, and pour it on his head, and say, "Thus says the Lord: 'I have anointed you king over Israel.'" Then open the door and flee, and do not delay' (2 Kings 9:1–3).

This act was revolutionary. "A new king was being anointed while the present king still sat on his throne," Cahn writes. "The present king was Joram. Jehu had been anointed to succeed him.

"Unlike those who dwelt in the royal house, those whose authority he would rise to challenge, Jehu had no royal blood or lineage that would give him any right to the throne. Nor was he a politician. He was an outsider, a most unlikely ruler."

Cahn points out that Jehu was not a gentle man. "He was rough and coarse. He had been known as a leader but a leader whose authority rested entirely outside the realm of politics or civil government. He was a warrior, a military commander, a fighter, confrontational, contentious, and combative. He could be ruthless and brutal.

"And yet he was a vessel, not in spite of these things, but because of them," Cahn continues. "He had been appointed for an hour when evil was entrenched and empowered in virtually every realm of government and culture and was now threatening to eradicate the ways of God. He had risen at the very moment that the nation's apostasy appeared on the verge of becoming irrevocably sealed and when for God's people all seemed hopeless. He would bring shaking to a system of evil and a government of darkness.

The paradigm reveals this man as a chosen vessel of God. "Though there were undoubtedly mixed motives involved in his rising," Cahn write "and though he may have never fully grasped the significance of his role in the larger scheme of things, he was nevertheless a chosen vessel. He was an instrument of judgment. He was a sword to bring down a house and a shield to hold back the sealing of the apostasy. He was the unlikely and unexpected warrior appointed to overthrow a kingdom that warred against the ways of God."

The Mystery of Donald Trump

In a jaw-dropping parallel, Cahn divulges how the paradigm of Jehu reveals the mystery of Donald Trump. "Jehu's rise was sudden and unexpected," he writes. "With no political experience, Jehu's ascension to the throne would take the nation by surprise.

"For the manifestations of the paradigm to be fulfilled, it would mean that as the Obama years approach their end, an unlikely figure will appear on the nation's political stage. The sudden rise of this figure will take the government and nation by surprise. As in the case of Jehu, Donald Trump was the most unlikely of peoples to ascend to the nation's highest office. As with Jehu, his rise coincides with the ending of the former administration."

Cahn notes that Trump's rise to political power began on June 16, 2015, when he announced his candidacy for the presidency, just as the Obama era began its closing chapter. "Even more surprising than his announcement," Cahn says, "was his subsequent success and ascendancy. It would take America by surprise."

The parallels continue. "As Jehu was not a member of the royal house or of the ruling class, neither was Donald Trump a member of government," writes Cahn. "He was not a politician. He campaigned for the presidency as an outsider to Washington and as an outsider to politics altogether.

And there are more parallels. "As Jehu was not a gentle man but harsh, so too there was nothing gentle about Donald Trump," Cahn writes. "His communication was often blunt, his ways, abrasive, and his temperament, turbulent.

"Jehu was first and foremost a man of war, a fighter. So too his modern antitype, Donald Trump, was a fighter, a man of countless battles. It is worth noting that one of the most important experiences of the modern Jehu's life was being sent as a youth to military school. His biographies mark his years at the New York Military Academy as formative and critical to the rest of his life. It was there that he learned how to compete and to win. Trump, like Jehu, was a fighter, confrontational, contentious, and combative."

Trump and the Purpose of God

The Paradigm makes it clear that, from the biblical account, Jehu had not lived his life as a man of God. So, too, it is clear in the case of Donald Trump that the life he had lived did not exemplify Christian virtues, nor did his actions exemplify that which would be expected of a godly man.

"As Jehu is recorded boasting in the midst of his rise to power, so too Donald Trump would become known for boasting and self-promotion," writes Cahn. "One commentary speaks of Jehu taking 'joy in outsmarting his enemies.' Five such words could as well have been written of Donald Trump. And as with Jehu it would appear that in matters of war and conquest Trump believed that the ends would justify the means.

Cahn points out that Jehu would speak of God and of his zeal to accomplish the will of God. "De did at times heed the words of godly counsel," Cahn writes. "So too would Trump. He would declare his zeal to accomplish God's will as he sought to assure men and women of faith of the sincerity of his convictions. He would as well receive godly counsel and at times follow it.

"Trump, like his ancient predecessor, was in spite of his flaws a vessel for the accomplishing of purposes beyond his own understanding. This begs the question 'Can God use those who have not served, followed, or known Him for the outworking of His purposes?' He can. And in the case of Jehu, he did. So too Trump rose to power at a time when the nation's apostasy stood on the verge of attaining total supremacy, of being sealed into permanency, and of threatening to abolish the ways of God on every front."

Cahn continues, "There were undoubtedly other and mixed motives behind Trump's ascent. Nevertheless he was used to resist and oppose the encroaching forces of an anti-biblical, anti-God, and anti-Christian onslaught. He would pledge himself to the defense of religious liberty and to the sanctity of life."

Jehu would ultimately have to come head-to-head against the former first lady and queen, Jezebel. "Thus according to the paradigm, the rough, brash, and contentious commander will come head-to-head with the former first lady," Cahn writes. "Thus the template would ordain a clash, a showdown, and a face-to-face confrontation between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It is exactly what [took] place.

"And while all the pundits and experts were sure of a Clinton landslide, the paradigm said otherwise. Jezebel would be defeated and Jehu ascended to the throne. So too Hillary Clinton would be defeated and Trump would ascend to the presidency."

Why Cahn Wrote The Paradigm

Jonathan Cahn says his purpose in the writing The Paradigm was to help believers navigate these tumultuous times.

"I pray, above all, that God will use this book to accomplish His purposes," Cahn says, "prophetically and sovereignly, for awakening, for illuminating, for empowering, for encouraging, for turning, for restoring, for reviving, for saving, and for such a time as this."

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Jonathan Cahn is the author of The Harbinger, The Mystery of the Shemitah, The Book of Mysteries, The Paradigm and The Oracle. He is also the president of Hope of the World Ministries and leader of the Jerusalem Center in Wayne, New Jersey. To get in touch, receive prophetic dates, and free gifts, go to or find Jonathan Cahn on Facebook.

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