A Modern-Day Holocaust? Some Similarities Are Eerie

Racquael Wilkes (Racquael Wilkes Facebook page)
The "request" stunned Racquael Wilkes.

On Oct. 8, the Operating Room nurse and RN at NCH Baker Hospital Downtown in Naples, Florida was called into an administrator's office and was asked to turn in her regular nurse's name badge for one that came with a thick blue line, clearly signifying that she had not been vaccinated for COVID-19.

Wilkes says she was told that if she opted not to wear the badge, she would be terminated from her job. No questions asked—she would be immediately fired.

As a dedicated believer in Jesus Christ and as someone who is well aware of her legal rights, Wilkes, who had recently renewed her contract with the hospital and who had previously received a religious exemption from the vaccine, adamantly refused. She was told her services were no longer required.

Wilkes is only one of perhaps hundreds of thousands around the United States who suffered the same fate. Refuse the vaccination mandate set down by the Biden administration and suffer the consequences of losing your job.

Wilkes' case, however, comes with a different twist when it comes to the subject of the badge. When she was asked to wear it, one thing instantly came to mind.

"I immediately brought up the question, 'Am I to wear a Scarlett letter now?'" Wilkes says. "Do you want me to wear a gold star to indicate that I am a Jew? I was like, is Hitler involved in all of this? I have to no problem letting this entire hospital know who I serve, what I stand for. And I'm not ashamed of that at all.

"I told them that if you are going to make me wear this, I am going to go to the dollar store, get some sparkles and put a sign underneath it that says I stand for Jesus Christ. But they weren't going to let me do that. The manner of what they were trying to do was to bring shame to and push their agenda. Nobody wants to be set apart like that. They're not doing this for any other reason than to bring shame, like the Scarlett Letter."

In the 1930s and 1940s during World War II, Jews in Germany were forced to wear gold star badges to identify them as members of the Jewish race. Consequently, Jews were sent to concentration camps and 6 million were exterminated by the Nazis in what is now infamously called The Holocaust.

While the circumstances are not nearly that dire or extreme—yet—could this be what America's future will look like? Is this the direction that we are heading, toward socialsim and perhaps communism or facist rule?

With what we are seeing in this age of cancel culture and religious persecution, it certainly is not out of the realm of possibility.

Wilkes says she plans on seeing an attorney and, with some of her other co-workers, co-jointly filing a lawsuit against the hospital for its actions.

Wilkes says she had already filled out a great deal of paperwork to receive a religious exemption from taking the COVID-19 vaccine, and she and a few others she worked with were granted that exemption. She says she complied with every request the hospital made, including wearing an N95 mask made especially for health care workers, one that she called "very restricting and very uncomfortable."

But then, all of a sudden on Oct. 8, everything changed when the religious exemption wasn't enough for the hospital's administration. They began to force the badge with the blue line on their employees who had not been vaccinated.

"Their excuse was that we needed to wear the badge so that patients and co-workers, or anyone around the hospital knew that I did not have the shot," Wilkes said. "They wanted to make sure that I was wearing my N95 mask. I said, 'if you have the shot, you shouldn't have to worry about me, right?' Isn't that the whole reason for getting the shot? If it works, then you shouldn't have to worry about whether or not I have it. I was very compliant and faithful to wear it every day, even if it restricted by oxygen flow to the worst degree. I was so restricted that my chest hurt in the afternoons"

Wilkes has worked as an operating room nurse and registered nurse for the past five years. Previous to that, she had worked as a malpractice paralegal for 20 years, so she certainly knows her legal rights when it comes to the vaccine mandate.

"I know what you should do or shouldn't do in a hospital or healthcare setting," Wilkes says. "I know what things you can say or what you can't say or what you employer can do or cannot do in that regard just because of my prior 20 years of experience."

She was also privy to 59 case studies—studies that can be found on the Internet—that describe in detail about drugs such as hydroxychloroquine, which Wilkes and many doctors have said can be used to treat COVID-19 with positive results.

Instead, the CDC and the government continue to push for the COVID-19 vaccinations.

Wilkes says the governments actions concerning the vaccine mandate are nothing short of "spiritual warfare," and that Satan is trying to get a foothold in every area of society with the division that the vaccine mandate is causing.

"I just did a video on my Facebook page about all of this," Wilkes says. "I'm not on there other than to quote scripture or to draw people to the Lord, to tell people about Jesus, because it's a big platform. I know this is spiritual warfare. We are not fighting flesh and blood here. We know this is way bigger than a shot. This is way bigger than just trying to control people. The enemy is trying to take over.

"This is prerequisite. You can be so easily coerced because you try to do anything and you have to take the shot. This is a prerequisite in the spiritual realm of the mark of the beast. If we are so easily coerced into taking the shot for the means of quote unquote life, is that how little trust we have in God? We have to get to a point in our spiritual walk with God where we trust Him. There has to come to a point where we as Christians have to get beyond intercession and prayer. We have got to have louder voices because the enemy is loud and he is causing chaos. Our voice has got to stand and it's got to be louder."

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