Evangelist Mario Murillo Lays Down Poignant Challenge to Preachers of God's Word

Evangelist Mario Murillo has made an urgent plea to pastors and kingdom leaders that preach the Word of God to the masses—"stop looking the other way."

In an exclusive interview, Murillo told Charismanews.com that, when in the pulpit, many pastors and preachers in America are putting self-preservation ahead of fighting the evil Satan is throwing at this country. He says these kingdom leaders are laying down on the job and it's time for them to wake up and be a "doer of the Word."

Murillo isn't just implying it. He made a bold statement while addressing a group of nearly 1,000 pastors in Batavia, New York this week during a four-day crusade that saw many signs, wonders and miracles.

"Your motive for not speaking out in your pulpit might have worked in the 1980s and 1990s, when there was cooperation across the [political] aisle," Murillo says. "I said this to the them, 'when I preached against crack cocaine as the worst drug and when I preached against gangs as one of our worst problems, everyone accepted me.' When the day came that socialism became the worst drug in the ghetto and the Democratic party became the worst gang in the ghetto, suddenly I'm political—when, in fact, I did not change one iota. It was the Democratic party that changed.

"They jumped the fence and brought the fight to us. The church has to understand—and now. I had a large rally one time, and I said, 'How many of you in here have ever had a child expelled for wearing a Christian T-shirt? How many of you here have ever lost a job because you witnessed to a co-worker? How many of you here have ever had your social media invaded by your boss, looking for your Christian stand? And, how many of you are feeling the terror of how your children are being educated?

"I looked at the pastors and said, 'How many of you are preaching to what people are actually going through?' I told the audience the time is coming where, by avoiding politics in the pulpit, the worst possible thing is going to happen to you. People are going to believe that you do not care about them. You don't care enough about them to save their freedom. You don't care enough about them to educate them and equip them. And, you don't care about them to go down to the school board or go down to the local government meeting and say, 'Get your hands off my congregation.' Unless you wake up, you're going to lose what you have now."

But how did the pastors and preachers received that poignant message?

"I had to stop because the people were on their feet cheering loudly," Murillo said. "They shouted me down."

Murillo demanded that pastors and preachers stand up for the members of their congregations through this social disease called cancel culture. For example, the Biden administration is now labeling parents who dare to make their voices heard at school board and city council meetings as domestic terrorists.

These parents are attempting to protect their children from having poison curriculum forced on them, such as the LGBTQ agenda, critical race theory, the benefits of abortion and open pornography in their classrooms.

"Once again, it's the most despicable double standard in the world," Murillo says. "For example, looking at January 6 [the Capitol riot], there's some horrendous event, and then turning a blind eye to 100 nights of fires and buildings being burned. People were shot point blank for being a Trump supporter in Portland, Oregon. The left has no sense of proportion, they have absolutely zero credibility.

"This latest ploy is once again pointing to the pulpit. When the people in your church are risking going down to defend their children in the school, and you're not leading the pack and protecting them and saying, 'now we're being called domestic terrorists. Now we're being called rabble rousers and felons.' This is a despicable act, that the men and women of God in the pulpit need to run interference for with their own people and take the lead. It is just absolutely evil.

"They're calling us out. To allow Biden to get away with one more false narrative is unacceptable. We can't let them do it. We have to oppose it with all that we can."

Murillo says he believes the pastors who heard his message will not only take a bold stance, but they will spread it throughout the country and it will make a huge impact.

"We're on the precipice of a revival, a Great Awakening," Murillo says. "Many of those pastors and leaders were looking at me, some with tears in their eyes, and waking up to the fact that it was fear of finances, fear of losing members that was holding them back. I said to them, 'What is the point of worrying about members if they're going to shut down your church?'

"I said you need to wake up to the actual urgency of this hour and that it is absolutely time to oppose openly our government. I think it was really well done in Steve Strang's book, God and Cancel Culture. I think one of the reasons that book is resonating right now is because it nails down the problem. It states clearly what is at stake.

"What I'm doing is I'm paralleling Steve's book by adding the action that's required. I outlined steps the pastors can take immediately. And I told them once you stand in front of your people and say, 'I oppose abortion, I oppose transgenderism and I oppose the forced vaccination of Americans, your people are so going to rally behind you and it's going to shock you.'"

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