Has the Tribulation Begun? Israeli Evangelist Explains Scriptural Answer

Note: In the above video, pay close attention to 9:45 through 15:00.

With all of the chaos taking place in the world—wars and rumors of wars, nations rising against nations, famines and natural disasters—Evangelist Amir Tsfarti says it's a legitimate question for Christians to ask: "Has the tribulation begun?"

Global lockdowns, an estimated 4 million deaths worldwide due to COVID-19 (as of the end of July), government overreach, political unrest, weaponization and division of the church all point toward the end times era scattered throughout God's Word. But Tsfarti says that, even though he believes we are living in the "last hour," there is a different between tribulation and trouble, and the Bible makes it very clear where we currently stand.

Like many, Tsfarti is a believer in a pre-tribulation rapture.

"We are watching our world fall apart, literally, and must we remember that when people ask whether or not the tribulation has begun, it's a logical question," says Tsfarti, the founder and leader of Behold Israel ministry. "You are seeing terrible things happening all over the world. But is this what Jesus meant when he explained what the tribulation is going to be all about and who the tribulation will be for?

"People often mix trouble with tribulation. They often think that any big trouble can be the beginning of the tribulation. And that, of course, is not true. Trouble is difficulty or problems, and not everything is tribulation. We must be very careful in how we discern the Word of God. There are wars and rumors of wars in the world today and, by the way, more than ever before. Pandemics are nothing new. Violations of liberties and freedoms are there forever. So, we must put things in the right perspective.

"Jesus characterized the last days in Matthew 24 when he said, 'Take heed that no man deceive you.' He is basically saying that, regarding the end times, there will be so much deception. But he also says 'see that you are not troubled,' and that all of these things must come to pass, as they are now. You know why He is telling us all these things must happen? It's because He already knows it will happen. He is not suggesting that it could be or may be. He is saying it MUST happen. It is not open to negotiation.

"I truly believe we are living in the very end. I believe the signs are all around us. But we need to be very, very careful about how we discern the Word of God. Everything going on around us leads to sensationalism. It leads to fear and anxiety and also wrong interpretation of the scriptures. It also causes quite a few people to walk away from the faith."

For more of Tsfarti's compelling message, watch the video above.

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