Modern-Day Nehemiah Project Gives Conservatives Social Media Reprieve

(Gary and Rhonda Petzoldt)
Nehemiah was deeply grieved when he heard of the broken walls of Jerusalem and the remnant of the Jews who were in deep distress. He was moved with a passionate desire and love for his brethren to see the walls rebuilt for the safety of God's people and the preservation of their land and rights.

In a similar way, there is a need in this generation to build a place of protection for God's people on the internet, a social network that honors God's Word, upholds the truth, encourages prayer warriors and preserves the cries for righteousness and integrity that are posted online while also giving freedom to post on other socials for evangelism.

Why? Have you noticed lately what Facebook, Twitter and others like them are doing? Evidently liberal in their worldview, they are doing all they can to squelch the voices of God's people by not allowing them to publish certain aspects of the Word of God freely. What will that turn into 2,5 or even 10 years from now?

We must have our own safe place where the truth and love of Jesus Christ and His gospel is kept alive, accurate, free flowing and protected for "whosoever will" to come and taste and see that He is good.

Recently, the so-called Big Tech social networks have moved even closer to directly referring to the gospel as hate speech. The Word of God warns us against saying that good is evil and evil is good (see Isa. 5:20). They have rejected righteous standards upheld in God's Word and shunned conservative, political ideologies by threatening to ban and remove all posts, both texts and videos, that oppose some of their religious or political points of view.

This banning has already started to manifest in some form or another by something called "Facebook jail time." This 'digital incarceration' happens when a person is banned for a limited time, indefinitely or even permanently from Facebook for a post that is made against their terms. As we all know, anyone who questions the integrity of the past presidential election is put behind internet bars, and their posts are quickly removed. This kind of jail time and banning will certainly only increase on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the future as the clash between righteousness and unrighteousness continues.

There is good news! By God's grace, Gary and Rhonda Petzoldt of Lilyband Psalmist Music Ministry and are fulfilling a mandate of God in their lives by creating a new social network that is Bible-friendly, Christian-friendly, and family-friendly. It's got a great name:

Like Esther of old, this new network has been developed "for such a time as this." Because Faithlife Friends is operated and owned by committed Christian believers, subscribers are kept safe from the scrutiny and at times, the tyranny of Big Tech. Watch this introductory video.

Who are Gary and Rhonda Petzoldt? They are full time ministers and psalmists who previously travelled itinerantly for 10 years on the road, living solely by faith in God for their provisions with their musical gear, some necessities, an overpacked old Nissan Xterra and a passion to minister to the Lord in true worship.

They've seen Jesus save, physically heal, deliver and set many people free. Fast forward to the year of 2020 and God has re-planted them in the Sarasota, Florida area, an area where they had their beginning many years ago.

In 2018, during their personal prayer time, God spoke to their hearts and the Holy Spirit revealed the need to build a new social network. It was impressed upon them that in the very near future, social networks would become overly restrictive of certain aspects of the gospel message and fight against conservative values.

Under the weight of a prophetic burden, they answered the call, like modern-day Nehemiahs, by building With God's grace and sheer determination, along with many countless hours of development research, they pressed on toward the mark of completion for the network. In November 2020, he and his wife officially opened the Faithlife Friends Social Network complete with mobile apps, and you are invited.

They are also currently ministering online regularly and are seeking to establish a Word, worship and prayer center as well as a beautiful retreat for ministers needing a time of rest with the Lord. You can find more details at

The network is owned and operated by God-fearing people, and there is a growing board of overseers and activity feed moderators who help Gary and Rhonda keep the network family-friendly and child-safe. Live broadcasting is planned and being made available in near future.

You are encouraged to rally together and invite your friends, ministries and churches to register and join the network of Faithlife Friends. It is sure to be a place that will glorify God and help you to save all your treasured posts, videos and pictures. The Faithlife Friends mobile apps are easy to install and can be found here.

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