How to Break Soul Ties You Didn't Know You Had

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Note: This is part one of a two-part series. For part 2, click here.

One thing that freezes us from moving forward is soul ties. We can have them with our past, ministry, friends, family, culture, pets, places, items and things. You can't say no to man, to your emotions, because your soul is tied up to something else and not Jesus.

We are made of three parts: spirit, soul and body. Then the soul has three parts: mind, will and emotions that flow from the heart. God is in the business of winning our whole soul back to Him completely. If we are not willing to cut off some soul ties, we are not willing to follow Jesus. Soul ties pull us back to our will, to our flesh, to this earthly ground. They hold us back from our destiny, freedom and truth.

Our soul must love God first (all of our mind, all of our heart, all that is within us). This is the first commandment. Most of the trouble is not even the devil for some people but that their soul is tied to something or someone else. Satan will give what our soul wants and in excess.

Colossians 3:5 talks about inordinate affection—meaning unregulated, exceeding reasonable limits, unregulated excess behavior.

You can't fulfill your destiny if you have a soul tie. It will distract you and pull you away from the life of God because anything down here is carnal and earthly. Soul ties with employment, culture, anything that restricts you from being free to do what you are called to be. "I can't talk about anything that confronts my culture," is another example of a soul tie, or an inordinate affection with animals. You can't do things without them. It is not normal to love animals more than people. It is not normal to love your job more than Him.

Carnal churches and ministers are catering to man's souls, not to their spirits. In this, there is no deliverance. Spirit flies high like eagles. Soul tie will keep you down here in the chicken coop!

Even ministry birthed by Jesus can become a soul tie because it may have taken the place of Jesus in your heart, mind and emotions. You can't serve God and have children first. You can't serve God and be a slave to your employment. Soul ties control your mind and your will. They dictate your happiness. For example: If you are on good terms with your soul tie, then you are good, but the minute you try to say no to your soul tie, you are not good. If all your soul ties are happy, you are happy. If one is miserable or hurt, you are miserable. They dictate you and your emotions.

We all need to mortify the things of the flesh, the ties of the soul. We need to get away from some people and places, things that will control our will and our lives.

Man was created a living soul. My mind, heart and emotions will live forever, but the body is just holding what is inside. If your spirit is ahead, your soul will follow it, but if your soul is ahead, your body and spirit will die or will follow your old man.

Break that tie that causes you to move when they want you to. People are so soulish that they will do anything their soul wants to. This is a daily thing, so mortify daily. We may have a major soul tie or just little ones that distract us.

Even the enemy will use that will power to pervert things. You go after anything but Jesus, and He said, "Not My will but His will be done." Soul ties will control you. You will end up serving them first instead of the living God. Your life will revolve around them.

People give Him their heart but never their will completely. But doing so has always been the true discipline of the Lord. That's why He is called Lord.

How to break soul ties? Everybody wants a formula. Not easy, but it is as simple as: just obey His Word. Repent. Let them go and let God always be the first.

Some people have soul ties with their own word ... "I will never do this or that" ...but they need to break it. Satan knows the vows that we make. He binds you to them. We need to renounce them.

God wants to take over our mind, will, emotions, body, not even one part should be held back from Him. Then we can be led by the Spirit, and our body will be in submission to His will and Word.

A perfect church is a church with no soul ties. One mind. One spirit. One accord. They have all things in common. They have perfect union with the Holy Spirit. It is this church that is spiritual and not weird.

Soul ties with your "girlfriend and boyfriend." Soul ties with children! Sons and daughters are living with their parents now until they are 40. Soul tie!

Inordinate affection is sin according to Colossians 3:5. "Therefore put to death the parts of your earthly nature: sexual immorality, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry."

Soul ties with our culture will bind us. We won't do or say something because of our upbringing. That is a soul tie!

Soul ties will keep you grounded like a chicken. You are not a kite. You can't go anywhere with a soul tie. If you have a soul tie, you become that kite. He created you to be like an eagle. Go to high places. Go wherever and whenever He tells you. The wind takes you. The wind is the Spirit. The Spirit is God!

Sports can become soul ties as well. Soul ties turn into idols.

Abraham disobeyed God and took Lot with him. Soul tie! He made a big mess. God wants us free, but soul ties will fight Him.

God is saying, "I have many things for you, but I can't give them to you because you have idolatry." You have soul ties.

Let it go: the old places, the old man, break the ties and experience the glory!

You get false securities with your soul ties. Only Jesus makes one secure. You can even have one with your spouse. That is not biblical. God made husband and wife one flesh, but never one soul. On the judgment day, a husband and wife will stand all alone in front of the mighty one.

You put yourself in a mess because of your soul tie with your own children. We were not created for them, not even for your children, but for God alone!

Among many voices, Shane W. Roessiger, founder of H.O.T. HOUSE OF TRUTH and author of Smashing Deception in the House of God—has been crying out in the USA and in the nations of the earth, preparing the bride for the Bridegroom, Jesus. Located in Nokomis, Florida, H.O.T. HOUSE OF TRUTH is a place designed by God to make His bride ready, to awaken her by the preaching of His uncompromising Word, to purify her by His fire, to equip her by His Spirit, to send her out full of oil, fire and fruits.

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