Atheist Richard Dawkins Sinks to New Lows With 'Mr. Deity' Sarcasm

Richard Dawkins and Mr. Deity
Richard Dawkins and Mr. Deity (YouTube)

Is God too busy for us? Does He ignore our questions and sit around all day indulging in His laziness? 

That's the theme of Atheist Richard Dawkins' video "Mr. Deity and the Atheist" which tries to poke holes in Christianity by way of sarcasm and snarl. 

Speaker and Answers in Genesis President/CEO Ken Ham goes toe to toe with Dawkins in his blog post "Richard Dawkins and Mr. Deity." 

Dawkins accuses God of being lazy and useless, saying science and evolution negate the need for a supreme being or even a moral code. 

"The whole of your precious creation was made by evolution and you didn't have to lift a finger to help it along. You're completely redundant, not just lazy," Dawkins tells Mr. Deity. "Even if you weren't lazy, there'd be nothing for you to do," detailing how evolution governs the laws of nature. 

But, Ham argues, God was necessary to set the laws of nature in motion.  

"But in a random, material universe that supposedly arose naturalistically, where do set, immaterial laws of nature come from?" Ham writes. " ... But there is a Creator, and He set the laws of nature in place at the beginning. And we can trust that these laws will work the same tomorrow as they did today because our unchanging God upholds and sustains the universe." 

By merely going back and forth, though, writing a trite script for "Mr. Deity" and attacking Him on every point, Dawkins shows not only disrespect for God, but the folly of men who believe they can live without God, Ham writes. 

"Dawkins' comments should stand as a warning to those who compromise with man's ideas of evolution and millions of years. They are opening the door to compromising with the rest of God's Word," Ham writes.  

Ham adds that some of Dawkins' arguments are as old as the beginning the world, and some were used by Satan himself in the Garden of Eden—"Did God really say that?" 

Dawkins' hubris, Ham writes, is that he refuses to admit man is a sinner in need of a Savior. 

"And because God has made it evident to us all that He exists and has written His law in our hearts (Romans 1 and 2), Dawkins is, in essence, putting his hands over his eyes and his hands over his ears," Ham writes. "He is really shouting at God saying, 'I refuse to see. I refuse to listen!'"

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